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Acclimate to Law School, Before the Semester Starts

At Rutgers, you have the opportunity to learn core subject material and acclimate to the rigors and nuances of law school before your legal education officially begins, through the Summer Jump Start program, held at our Camden location.

Registration for the Summer Jump Start program is on a first-come basis. While Rutgers Law may add another section once the existing section reaches capacity, there is no guarantee of a second section. This is not a conditional-admissions program; only admitted students to the Camden location may begin in the summer.

Please note: All incoming Camden part-time evening students are required to participate in the Summer Jump Start program either in the summer before or the summer after their first year of school.

Take Fewer Credits in the Fall

Jump Start students take one first year required course over the summer, which means they have a reduced course load (10.5 credits) in the fall. In the spring semester, they increase to a full credit load of 14.5 credits.

Program Details 

Contracts course for incoming first-year students in Camden, taught by Professor Don Korobkin. 

Program dates: Monday, June 11th - Monday, July 30th

Meeting time: Monday-Thursday from 6:00 p.m.-8:05 p.m.

Final Exam: Thursday, August 2nd 

Free Tuition and Housing

Rutgers Law School pays for Jump Start tuition and summer housing for students who participate in the Jump Start program. 

Taking a course over the summer was a great experience. I came from Alabama, so it gave me a wonderful opportunity to get to know the area and meet new people before the rush in the fall.

Grady Lowman '16
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What is Summer Jump Start?

Summer Jump Start is an intensive class experience in a core first-semester subject, Contracts, available to first-year law students during the summer before they start in the fall at the Camden campus. 

When are the dates for the Summer Jump Start classes?

Program dates: Monday, June 11th - Monday, July 30th

Final Exam: to follow during the week of the 30th

What is the tuition for the Summer Jump Start program?

Rutgers Law School is providing the Summer Jump Start program tuition-free. 

Who can participate in Summer Jump Start?

All admitted students in the full-time program in Camden may begin in the summer. All incoming Camden part-time evening students are required to participate in the Summer Jump Start program either in the summer before or the summer after their first year of school. 

Is the Summer Jump Start class available in Newark?

The Summer Jump Start program is only available to admitted students attending Rutgers Law School in Camden. If you start with the Summer Jump Start you must remain in Camden for your first year of law school (you are able to switch over to Newark for your second and/or third year).

What are the benefits of Summer Jump Start?

Many of our current top law students availed themselves of this opportunity, and Summer Jump Start students tend to have higher academic records.  Students enrolled in Summer Jump Start benefit from the chance to focus only on a single course as they transition to law school.  And, rather than taking 14.5 credits in the fall, you will only have to take 10.5 credits in the fall, giving you more time to acclimate to the rigors of law school.   

Is housing available for the summer?

Free housing is available for the Summer Jump Start Program on campus at 330 Cooper.

330 Cooper Street is our newly opened, on-campus graduate housing complex.  Students living in this convenient and modern facility enjoy Wi-Fi and premium TV channels, on-site mail, laundry services, and retail options, all within a secure and comfortable environment. For off-campus options or for housing accommodations, contact admissions at or  (800) 466-7561.

Is Summer Jump Start a conditional admissions program?

No. Summer Jump Start is not a conditional admissions program.

How do I register for Summer Jump Start?

Once the Summer Jump Start dates are established for the year, you will receive an email with information on the class and how to register. Registration for the class is on a first-come basis, and once the existing section reaches capacity, the law school may expand or add another section.  However, there is no guarantee of a second section.

The benefits of the program include:

  • acclimating to law school life early
  • participating in traditional classroom discussion
  • taking fewer credits in the fall

The course is typically held in the evenings, Monday to Thursday, from mid-June to early August, followed by a downloadable exam that can be completed remotely.

“The benefit of the Summer Jump Start program is immeasurable. Even the thought of beginning your law studies can be somewhat intimidating, and while some might be hesitant to enroll in a summer course, I would absolutely recommend taking full advantage of this phenomenal opportunity. Tackling my first law class in the summer, isolated from all other 1L coursework, turned my apprehension into confidence. I had the good fortune of finding myself as a student in Professor Patterson’s Contracts class. Professor Patterson understood that every student in his class had never taken a law course before and guided his students every step of the way. I entered the first day of my 1L fall semester knowing how to read and brief cases, how to handle the Socratic Method, and how to properly take a law school final. The Jump Start program made my first semester manageable and enjoyable and hands down made me a stronger student.  Do yourself a great service and enroll in this summer program!”

-Amy Sobotka   Class of 2015

“The Jump Start program was, without a doubt, the best way to start law school.  Having a single class was a nice way to 'jump' into the law school career.  The class was a nice size of about 40 people and included a nice mix of full-time day students and part-time evening students.  For an evening student it was nice to be able to have a ‘larger’ class and meet more students. It also gave some the evening students a chance to build friendships prior to the fall semester. Professor Patterson made the class interesting and the concept come alive. He took the time to teach us the law, but also explained how it would work ‘in practice.’ Additionally, he also took the time to prepare us for the fall semester and what to expect in terms of exams, keeping up the pace in reading and being prepared to be called on in class. It truly was a rewarding experience and one that should not be missed by any incoming law students.”

-Misty Ralston   Class of 2017

“Beginning my law school career through the Jump Start program was an invaluable experience and something that I highly recommend to incoming students who have the opportunity. Taking an actual class is an ideal way to prepare yourself for the law school experience. I was able to familiarize myself with the expectations of a professor and how to prepare for class every day. Professor Patterson was an awesome teacher and made coming to class on a summer day enjoyable. It's also great to meet some new classmates and already have friends come fall. During the fall semester I was able to devote more time to my classes because of the lighter course load and this definitely reduced any anxiety I had.”

-Ted Schuricht   Class of 2015

“If I had to give one piece of advice to incoming first-year Rutgers Law students, I would definitely tell them to sign up for the Jump Start program.  It was an experience that I am so happy to have been a part of.  It was great to be able to focus on just one class while adjusting to the rigor of law school and it certainly gave me a leg up in my first semester having only three classes.  The professor was incredible and I was able to meet a lot of my classmates before the rest of the 1L's came in for the year.  The workload was manageable, so I was able to enjoy relaxing in the summer before school, as well!  In all, participating in Jump Start was an amazing decision and I recommend signing up to any student planning to attend Rutgers next fall.”

-Max Bernstein   Class of 2016