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Summer Jump Start students get to acclimate to law school life early, participate in traditional classroom discussion, and take fewer credits in the fall

Adjust to Law School Before the Semester Even Starts!

At Rutgers, you have the opportunity to learn core subject material and acclimate to the rigors and nuances of law school before your legal education officially begins, through the Summer Jump Start program, held at only our Camden location. Classes begin in mid-June and go through the end of July.

Take Fewer Credits in the Fall

Jump Start students take Contracts, a first-year required course over the summer. As a result, full-time students have a reduced course load (11 credits) in the fall. In the spring semester, they increase to a full credit load of 15 credits. Part-time students are required to participate in Jump Start either the summer before or after 1L year and therefore their course load is not affected by Jump Start.

The class will be taught in a hybrid in-person and remote asynchronous format. Class will meet in-person for the first four days and will then commence a hybrid schedule, meeting remote, asynchronous Mondays and Wednesdays and in-person on Tuesdays and Thursdays until late July. The last week of classes will be held in-person.


I would highly recommend the Jump Start program to those incoming students who are able to attend. It was a great way to get acclimated to the law school experience and the Rutgers campus. As someone returning to school after a few years in the workforce, I appreciated the opportunity to ease back into academic life and test out different study methods before starting the fall semester. The professor was fantastic and very understanding of the fact that we were all beginners. Plus, it was a wonderful chance to make friends!

Justine Jacobs, Class of 2021
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What is Summer Jump Start?
Summer Jump Start is an intensive class experience in a core first-semester subject, Contracts, available to first-year law students during the summer before they start in the fall at the Camden campus. 

Who can participate in Summer Jump Start?
All admitted students in the full-time program in Camden may begin in the summer. All incoming Camden part-time students are required to participate in the Summer Jump Start program either in the summer before or the summer after their first year of school. Because of earlier start date, admitted students must confirm their intent to enroll by May 15 by remitting their full seat deposit or the Deposit Waiver Agreement. 

Is Summer Jump Start being conducted in-person or virtually?
The Summer Jump Start Contracts course will be taught in a hybrid in-person and remote asynchronous format.

Is the Summer Jump Start class available in Newark?
The Summer Jump Start program is only available to admitted students attending Rutgers Law School in Camden. If you start with the Summer Jump Start you must remain in Camden for your first year of law school (you can switch over to Newark for your second and/or third year).

What are the benefits of Summer Jump Start?
Many of our current top law students availed themselves of this opportunity, and Summer Jump Start students tend to have higher academic records.  Students enrolled in Summer Jump Start benefit from the chance to focus only on a single course as they transition to law school.  And, rather than taking 14.5 credits in the fall, full-time students only have to take 10.5 credits, giving you more time to acclimate to the rigors of law school.

Is housing available for the summer?
Summer housing at 330 Cooper, a short 3-minute walk away, will be available for 2023 Jump Start participants.

Is Summer Jump Start a conditional admissions program?
No. Summer Jump Start is not a conditional admissions program.

How do I register for Summer Jump Start?
Admitted students will receive information on registering for Summer Jump Start via email.

Class runs from mid-June to late July.

Class will be held in a hybrid in-person and remote asynchronous format from 6 p.m. to 8:10 p.m., Monday through Thursday.

"The Jump Start program is a great opportunity to learn the structure of law school and learn how law school courses are taught. It helps you to develop study skills early before you start a full semester, and also gives you a chance to familiarize yourself with the law school. My experience in jumpstart was great and definitely gave me a heads up for the fall."
—Destiney Wilson, Class of 2021

"I can't recommend taking advantage of the Jump Start program enough. Having the opportunity to introduce yourself to law school while only having to focus on one class is a truly invaluable experience. You arrive much more confidently in the fall with the experience of having already taken an exam, knowing how to brief cases, and how to outline. Plus, you have one less class than you normally would in the fall, giving you even more time to focus on your other courses. Everyone I've talked to who did not take advantage of the Jump Start Program tells me that they wish they would have."
—Kaitlyn Flynn, Class of 2021

"Summer Jump Start offered by Rutgers was a great way to begin law school. The ability to focus on a single summer class before the 1L Fall Semester enabled me to better adapt to the challenges of law school. Jumpstart allowed me to build a network of study partners and friends which was a psychological comfort blanket when returning for the Fall Semester. Last and often overlooked, I had one less final during the Fall because I enrolled in Jumpstart. Simply put, the practical benefits of Summer Jumpstart are well worth the time and effort."
—Erik Schoenberg, Class of 2020

"The Jump Start program was a great experience. Rather than immediately starting with a full course load, I was able to gain the experience of completing a law school class prior to the start of the fall semester. This experience was invaluable in transitioning to the demands of a full law school workload."
—Paul Prendergast, Class of 2019