Rutgers Law Prepares Students for Issues Confronting the World
Redefining Legal Education

We make legal education available to a broadly diverse and talented group of students, at a cost that is affordable and fair, in an outstanding academic setting devoted to the highest intellectual standards, and with a mission to change and improve the surrounding community and the broader society.

Michael T. Cahill
Rutgers Law School NJ
In 2015, Rutgers University's law schools in Camden and Newark merged to create Rutgers Law School, one of the nation's 10 largest law schools, located in one of the 10 largest legal markets: New Jersey.

Destination New Jersey

As a legal pacesetter and pioneer, we are giving our students unparalleled experience in the practice of law in contemporary society, thanks to both New Jersey's role at the cutting edge of political, legal, and demographic change, and our longstanding commitment to the study and creation of laws that work in everyday life.

With a faculty of over 100 full-time members teaching more than 1,000 students, Rutgers Law School offers a broader and deeper curriculum as the largest public law school in the Northeast. Our clinics and pro bono programs, long part of the DNA of legal teaching and public service at Rutgers, are the most prominent manifestations of Rutgers Law as a civically engaged institution within our host communities of Camden and Newark, two cities at pivotal moments in urban renewal.

At each location, students now have more opportunities to develop professional skills, access our vastly expanded faculty and alumni network, and live and study in proximity to two major legal and economic hubs, Philadelphia and New York City.

Strategic Plans

Rutgers Law School is in the process of developing a comprehensive and unified strategic plan. In the interim, attached below are a preliminary planning document for the merged law school and the most recent full strategic plan for the Newark location, as well as the strategic plans for Rutgers University–Camden and Rutgers University–Newark.