One Extraordinary Value

Our tuition is half that of other schools in the region. What's more, good performance pays off: Rutgers Law has a tradition of awarding merit scholarships to students in their second and third years. All this means that you can afford to make career choices that aren't determined by burdensome debt—and still enjoy the benefits of the Rutgers name on your diploma and résumé.

U.S. News & World Report ranked us 3rd among all law schools in the nation for lowest average debt and 2nd among public law schools (2023).  

Rutgers Law School is also dedicated to supporting our students with financing their legal education. We do this successfully through student loans, work-study employment, scholarships, grants, and repayment programs. Summer funding is also available for certain public interest work. And as a direct student loan institution, our financial aid office will guide you through the process to make the costs of your legal education as manageable as possible.

23-24 Tuition and Fees

Full-Time Day In-State $28,370
Full-Time Day Out-of-State $43,003
Part-Time Day or Evening In-State (Per Credit) $1,160
Part-Time Day or Evening Out-of-State (Per Credit) $1,757
Total Student Fees Full-Time (Camden) $3,692
Total Student Fees Part-Time (Camden) $2,013
Total Student Fees Full-Time (Newark) $3,395
Total Student Fees Part-Time (Newark) $1,854
Summer/Winter In-State (Per Credit) $1,160
Summer/Winter Out-of-State (Per Credit) $1,757

While the computer fees and law school fees are the same for students at both locations, campus-specific fees are set by each campus’s administration.

Click here for Rutgers refund policy (Note: Rutgers Law Scchol withdrawal dates may differ.)