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"I urge these negligent defendants to join the rest of us in dramatically changing their behavior in the coming weeks because our actions affect many innocent lives."
" I took a deep breath and asked myself whether this was something truly beyond my control or if there something I could to help."
"Having this direct line of communication with administration is something I was never privy to in my undergraduate university and is something that I feel is unique to the Rutgers Law community."
"Nevertheless, while law school is difficult, it teaches very valuable lessons. Law students are taught a different way of thinking and ways to analyze complex problems."
"Score one for New Jersey. Score one for Rutgers Law. Score one for a scrappy little trio of underdogs."
"Law school is not about the law. It’s about the people meet and how you can learn from people who come from different backgrounds and cultures."
"Representation matters, and I hope that this position will show others who come after me that people like myself belong in positions like Editor in Chief, too. There is always room for a "first", and I'm so happy I can be that for my school"
"These human beings had endured a lifetime of hardship, from wrongful imprisonments, to torture, to sexual assault, to withstanding bombings and gunfire, and countless other forms of persecution. "
"The country has turned their back on those that need it the most and we have a duty to do something about it."
"I was able to leverage institutional support to create a student-led food pantry."
"I noticed a lack of legal service providers in Newark that specifically cater to the LGBT community."

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