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Rutgers campus stock newsroom
"The 3+3 Program created an excellent opportunity for me to enter my intended career more quickly..."
Erik Schoenberg in Busan, South Korea
"These opportunities showed me how my legal training and desire to serve can be put into practice on an international level."
"Community at Rutgers uniquely represents the key to success..."
Brian Lewis at the San Fransisco Bay
"I can say without question that everything I worked on was on the forefront of cutting edge technology."
Rahimah Faiq and Christian Villatoro
"We learned that there is a lot more work that goes into being a litigator that isn’t just trial focused."
Mych Giansanti
"I am excited to put the skills and knowledge I gained this summer to use through continued client advocacy."
A phone is stacked on a desk with a book and watch.
"My parents' immigration story always shaped the career path I envisioned for myself."
Morgan Humphrey at the ACLU photographed with Edward Snowden on a telepresence robot.
"Working at the ACLU was a great experience for my future career goals."
Derek Demeri portrait
"Within my first month, I was sitting second chair for a felony charge that ended up pleading out the first day of trial."
LGBT Pride Flag
"In less than six months, I went from writing a note to sitting at the table with the same people who are leading the national charge against the proposal."
Amal Mimish at work
"This experience enabled me to see the powerful role that attorneys can play in promoting access to justice and inspired me to pursue a career as a public interest attorney."