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Hayley Schultz at IRAP Office
Hayley Schultz ’24 was one of nine students who worked with clients unable to remain in Jordan at IRAP’s office in Amman. She co-wrote this blog for IRAP with Shae Heitz of the University of Connecticut Law School.
Leonard Lancaster '23
New Rutgers Law alumnus Leonard Lancaster '23 reflects on his time as a Rutgers Law student in Newark and why his ultimate career goal is to close the gap in the legal industry.
Erinmarie Byrnes '23
New Rutgers Law alumna Erinmarie Byrnes '23 reflects on her time as a Rutgers Law student in Camden and how she will be continuing her work from law school as a Social Justice Scholar and Veterans Advocacy Clinic student.
Kathryn D. McLamb, Rutgers Law 2L
Kathryn A. Daniel recently attended Eagleton Institute's Ready to Run Conference, hosted by the Rutgers Center for American Women and Politics.
Emily Rathburn '23 and Amily Bolano Diaz '24 explain why they are volunteering with the Rutgers Immigrant Rights Clinic and Espacio Migrante to assist migrants in Tijuana, Mexico.
generic scale
In this op-ed for NJ.com, third-year law student Emma Martin argues that because of internalized bias, weight bias runs rampant, often hiding mistreatment under the guise of “caring about health.”
“Our attitude towards immigration reflects our faith in the American ideal.” ~ Senator Robert F. Kennedy
"A single adult with a disability required 36% more income to achieve the same standard of living as their able-bodied counterparts and married adults with disabilities required 27% more income than their able-bodied counterparts."
Starting this semester, the journal formed a Community Outreach Committee to spearhead initiatives focused on giving back to the Newark Community.
"Something like fighting for undocumented people touches every aspect of the law and should be intertwined into every social-minded law student’s discussion around issues."

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