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Zeyad Assaf stands with Professor Venetis and another female student on the Essex county Courthouse steps
" Our clinical work benefits real people..."
Nancy Morgan, former chair of the NJ State Bar Association Military Law & Veterans’ Affairs Section and partner at Finkelstein & Partners, spoke to students about legally representing veterans and the nuanc
"I am passionate about serving those who have served our nation..."
"What helps on test day is feeling like you've seen this type of test before..."
Marie Deschamps with Voting Rights Project members
"...the role Rutgers Law played as my fairy godmother cum bulldog attorney deserves recognition, praise, and emulation."
Chris Campise on the phone at the clinic offices
"My experience in the clinic has made me feel more practice-ready than I thought possible..."
Office supplies in shades of pink.
"Aware of my passion for women’s issues, she encouraged me to apply for the grant..."
Omar Rana portrait.
"...I learned so much about advocating for underrepresented communities."
Joseph C. Antonakakis in front of the Camden County Office of the Prosecutor
"My decision to attend law school was fueled by my motivation to pursue justice for those who may not have the means to act without assistance..."
Billingham Courthouse
"...the experience of interning at a federal district court is invaluable no matter which path you want to take with your law degree."
"I’m excited to continue along a path of empowering and serving others through the law."