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"Waking up to the wonderful news that The Supreme Court sided with the Dreamers feels great. It cements the belief that when people demonstrate their support for a cause, government is forced to act."
"We have a duty to adapt to the changing world we are currently living in. This virus is increasing mortality and cases each day. While an individual may not believe the virus will affect them, it can."
"I am proud to say that after six months of hard work and focus, we were successful in our efforts and the Budget & Planning Committee agreed to grant our journal accredited status."
"It is important to highlight that students of color and students with disabilities in low-income school districts are a lot more vulnerable to the effects of remote learning."
“Journal participation will improve your writing overall and expose you to novel legal questions you may not have otherwise encountered in your regular studies.”
"I hope they remember Rutgers Law and become a part of our community as law students one day."
"I urge these negligent defendants to join the rest of us in dramatically changing their behavior in the coming weeks because our actions affect many innocent lives."
" I took a deep breath and asked myself whether this was something truly beyond my control or if there something I could to help."
"Having this direct line of communication with administration is something I was never privy to in my undergraduate university and is something that I feel is unique to the Rutgers Law community."
"Nevertheless, while law school is difficult, it teaches very valuable lessons. Law students are taught a different way of thinking and ways to analyze complex problems."
"Score one for New Jersey. Score one for Rutgers Law. Score one for a scrappy little trio of underdogs."

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