As New Jersey's public law school, Rutgers is committed to not only providing a robust legal education to our students, but to the need for legal scholarship and education to address the public good.

Our locations in Camden and Newark, allow us, through our public law library, clinics, and pro bono offerings and legal services programs, to provide legal assistance to individuals, companies, and communities in need.

Law Library 

The Rutgers Law Library supports the research needs of our students and faculty, as well as those of the public—who count on Rutgers for our U.S. government and New Jersey documents repository. Boasting over 1.2 million volumes, the Rutgers Law Library is a public resource we are proud to offer. 

Rutgers Immigrant Community Assistance Project

The Rutgers Immigrant Community Assistance Project (RICAP) at Rutgers Law School was created as part of the University’s ongoing commitment to serve all of its students.

Led by attorney Jason Hernandez, who has more than five years of experience working at a refugee resettlement and immigration legal service non-profit organization in Philadelphia, RICAP strives to foster a safe environment on campus and to remove barriers to student success by providing immigration legal services.  RICAP is available to provide informational “Immigration” and “Know Your Rights” presentations on every Rutgers campus. 

All students currently enrolled at Rutgers are eligible for a free and confidential legal consultation with RICAP Immigrant Rights Attorney Jason Hernandez. In some instances, direct representation may be available through RICAP directly or by referral to a reputable attorney.

For questions and appointments, contact RICAP:

Know Your Rights/Conocer Tus Derechos

Rutgers Law School takes a leadership role in educating the public about legal rights, including rights in relation to law enforcement and immigration officials.  

Frequently Asked Questions about Power of Attorney Document (Bilingual)

Power of Attorney Document Spanish/English (Bilingual)

Sample SIJS Predicate Order

Additionally, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has outstanding materials relating to these topics:

ICE at your home (English)
ICE en tu casa (Espanol): 

If questioned about your immigration status (English)
Que hacer si le preguntan acerca de su estatus migratorio (Espanol)

If stopped by the police, immigration agents, or FBI (English)
Que debe hacer si la policia, agentees de immigracion o el FBI lo detienen (Espanol)

See more information about your rights on the ACLU website.


Our clinics provide important legal services for New Jerseyans and address pressing matters of public policy that begin or are reflected in our local communities. A broad range of issues are advanced and individual cases are litigated through our 15 live-client clinics that represent child and family advocacy, constitutional rights, domestic violence, immigrant justice, and reentry support.

View contact information and more details about specific clinics.

Contact Rutgers Law Clinics in Camden at (856) 225-6568

Contact Rutgers Law Clinics in Newark at (973) 353-5576

Rutgers Law Associates 

The very first of its kind, Rutgers Law Associates is a one-year postdoctoral fellowship program that trains new law school graduates, who provide legal services to New Jersey residents at a significantly reduced rate.

If you think Rutgers Law Associates' legal services may be right for you, please complete this form, or call and leave a voicemail message.

Contact Rutgers Law Associates in Camden at (856) 225-6088

Contact Rutgers Law Associates in Newark at (973) 353-2564

Voting Rights Resources

The Rutgers Law Library compiled non-partisan information and resources for voters in New Jersey. Know your voting rights and view the full guide