Child Advocacy Clinic

(973) 353-3196
Students in this 8-credit clinic serve the needs of children and families who are at risk and living in poverty in Newark and surrounding areas and also educates law students to be thoughtful and highly-skilled practitioners by engaging in direct advocacy, community education and outreach, and policy and program development. The clinic primarily focuses on the legal needs of children in foster care, recently-arrived immigrant children, and low-income children with disabilities. (Newark)

Frequently Asked Questions About Power of Attorney Document (Bilingual)

Power of Attorney Document (Bilingual)

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Child and Family Advocacy Clinic

(856) 225-6568
The Rutgers Law Child and Family Advocacy Clinic provides representation to children in child abuse and neglect cases in Family Court in Camden and in administrative hearings and proceedings regarding public benefits, education, immigration, medical and mental health issues. 

Legal assistance and representation is provided by law students acting under the supervision of a licensed attorney. The Clinic accepts a limited number of cases during the academic year (mid-August to April).  (Camden)

Community and Transactional Lawyering Clinic

(973) 353-5059
This 8-credit clinic provides corporate, real estate, and other transactional legal services to New Jersey nonprofit corporations, start-up for-profit businesses, emerging entrepreneurs, inventors or artists, microenterprises, charter schools, and certain individuals. (Newark)

Constitutional Rights Clinic

(973) 353-5687
In this 8-credit clinic, students work in impact litigation in areas of civil rights and civil liberties under both federal and state law. They interview clients, investigate facts, craft legal theories, prepare for oral arguments, and research and draft briefs. (Newark)

Criminal and Youth Justice Clinic

(973) 353-5576
The Rutgers Criminal and Youth Justice Clinic provides legal representation to youth incarcerated in New Jersey’s juvenile justice system, young adults charged with minor criminal offenses, and adults who were convicted of serious crimes as adolescents and are seeking post-conviction relief. The clinic also champions systemic change through legislative and regulatory advocacy, appellate advocacy, and community education initiatives.

Domestic Violence Clinic

(856) 225-6425
The Rutgers Law Domestic Violence Clinic provides representation to victims of domestic violence in a variety of matters including final restraining order hearings where both parties have filed for relief, final restraining order hearings involving novel issues of law, motions for reconsideration, contempt hearings, and appeals. 

Legal assistance and representation is provided by law students acting under the supervision of a licensed attorney.  The Clinic accepts a limited number of cases during the academic year (mid-August to April). (Camden)

Economic Justice and Public Benefits Clinic

This clinic represents lower-income clients and client groups in cases involving public benefits - principally the federal Social Security and Supplemental Security Income Disability Benefits programs. It also addresses issues involving state public assistance cash-benefit social welfare programs such as SNAP and other food/nutrition programs, and unemployment compensation. 

Education and Health Law Clinic

(973) 353-3218
Students provide free legal representation to indigent clients in special education, early intervention, and school discipline matters, and through a medical-legal partnership, students partner with medical professionals to address the legal and social needs of pediatric patients with disabilities and their families. (Newark)

Entrepreneurship Clinic

This 4-credit clinic provides students with hands-on transactional law experience representing for-profit entrepreneurs and non-profit social entrepreneurs, sometimes working in partnership with other Rutgers' graduate schools. Preference is given to evening (part-time) students. (Camden & Newark)(Evening Program Priority)

Federal Tax Law Clinic

(973) 353-1685
This 6-credit clinic immerses students in cases involving disputes between the IRS and low-income taxpayers in New Jersey. Students interview, counsel, conduct factual and legal research, negotiate and conduct trials in Tax Court. (Newark)

Housing Advocacy Clinic

(856) 225-6568
The Housing Advocacy Clinic represents tenants in eviction, habitability, rent increase, and housing subsidy matters throughout South Jersey. Student develop the skills necessary to be effective and conscientious tenant advocates and public interest lawyers, with a focus on providing zealous and throughtful representation to members of under-resourced communities. The clinic also engages in community education efforts to more broadly serve the South Jersey tenant community and build tenant power.  (Camden)

Housing Justice and Tenant Solidarity Clinic

The Housing Justice and Tenant Solidarity Clinic teaches law students to strategically employ law in support of organizing for housing justice. The Clinic will work in partnership with community-based organizations while representing individuals and groups of lower-income clients confronting an array of housing justice issues. (Newark)

Immigrant Justice Clinic

(856) 225-6568
The Rutgers Immigrant Justice Clinic represents low-income South Jersey residents in immigration matters, focusing primarily on removal defense and representation of victims of crime. The clinic does not handle family-based or employment-based immigration matters. Legal assistance is provided by law students acting under the supervision of a licensed attorney.  

Our staff speaks English, Spanish, and French, and interpreters are available in a wide range of other languages. Many of the clinic’s cases last for years, so the clinic has very limited capacity to take new cases each year. When new cases are accepted, it is typically in mid-August and mid-December, before the start of each semester. (Camden)

Immigrant Rights Clinic

(973) 353-5292
Students in this clinic serve immigrants who need individual client representation and broader advocacy, including relief from removal, applications for asylum and refugee status, and protection for victims of human trafficking, battered immigrants, or abused, abandoned or neglected immigrant children. (Newark)

Intellectual Property Law Clinic

(973) 353-3226
This clinic offers intellectual property and entertainment law advice and assistance for non-profit entities, authors, artists, inventors, start-up for-profit businesses and microenterprises and charter schools, including intellectual property audits and licenses, copyright, trademark, right of publicity, trade secret, and patent assistance. For more information see the Intellectual Property Clinic page(Newark)

International Human Rights Clinic

(973) 353-5687
This 6-credit clinic pursues cases and projects in U.S. domestic courts and international tribunals to address human rights violations occurring within and beyond U.S. borders. Students interview clients, investigate facts, conduct discovery, craft legal theories, prepare for oral arguments, and research and draft briefs. For more information, visit the International Human Rights clinic web page(Newark)

Veterans Advocacy Clinic

(856) 225-6568
The Rutgers Law Veterans Advocacy Clinic represents New Jersey veterans seeking discharge upgrades after being unjustly separated from the military with "bad paper discharges" (other than honorable discharges) for behaviors attributable to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, Military Sexual Trauma, or other mental health disorders, and those whose discharges were due to discrimination based on their race, gender identity or sexual orientation. Students also represent veterans in Character of Servce Determination matters before Veterans Affairs. (Camden)