Academic Centers & Institutes
  • Center for Corporate Law & Governance
  • Center for Gender, Sexuality, Law & Policy
  • Center for Government Compliance & Ethics
  • Center on Law, Inequality & Metropolitan Equity
  • Center for Risk & Responsibility
  • Center for State Constitutional Studies
  • Center for State Health Policy
  • Institute for Information Policy & Law
  • Institute for Law & Philosophy

The Rutgers Center for Corporate Law and Governance is an interdisciplinary forum for research, analysis, and discussion of current issues in corporate law and governance. The Center launched in 2015 and serves as a resource for students, faculty, alumni, and the business and nonprofit communities. The Center draws interested participants from throughout New Jersey, as well as from the two major metropolitan hubs, New York, NY and Philadelphia, PA, in the vicinity of Rutgers Law School’s two campus locations, Newark, NJ and Camden, NJ. The Center’s objectives are to identify and promote best corporate law and governance practices and law reform, and to build bridges between Rutgers Law School, the business and nonprofit communities, government officials, and other Rutgers University units. The Center offers a number of programs, including a Certificate in Corporate and Business Law for interested students, a competitive Student Research Fellows program for 2L and 3L students, an Entrepreneurship Clinic in Newark to provide hands-on transactional law experience assisting entrepreneurs, and a series of conferences, roundtables, and discussions on a variety of topics of interest to students, faculty, and those outside of the Law School. The Center is served by a Board of Advisors, which provides strategic advice, and by an Alumni Steering Committee, which provides programmatic recommendations.

The Center for Gender, Sexuality, Law & Policy (CGSLP) supports interdisciplinary and cross-sector research, policy, programming, and classroom initiatives in furtherance of gender- and sexuality-based equity in law and policy. CGSLP's work bridges units within the university, connects the university with the surrounding community, and gathers together leading policymakers, advocates, scholars, and students.

Founded in July 2010, the Center for Government Compliance & Ethics (RCGCE) seeks to advance the application of effective ethics and compliance program principles as an element of public governance at the federal, state, and local levels in the United States and worldwide through a variety of activities including research, education, networking, and thought leadership.

The Rutgers Center on Law, Inequality & Metropolitan Equity (CLiME) is committed to studying the role of law and policy in encouraging or inhibiting opportunity based on place.  The center's non-partisan efforts are designed to promote more equitable approaches to public law and policy amid rapid demographic change, shrinking government resources, and enduring racial and economic divides. Where possible, CLiME’s efforts recognize the interdependent relationship among places in a given region and the most inclusive conceptions of sustainability.

The Center for Risk & Responsibility explores the ways in which society makes choices about risk, its proper allocation, and compensation for the harm caused when risks materialize.

The Center for State Constitutional Studies at Rutgers Law School is an interdisciplinary institute dedicated to promoting public understanding of American state constitutions and of sub-national constitutions in other federal systems.

The Center for State Health Policy is an initiative within the Institute for Health, Health Care Policy and Aging Research with a mission to inform, support, and stimulate state health policy in New Jersey and around the nation.

The Institute for Information Policy & Law (RIIPL) is an interdisciplinary venture based at the Camden campus of Rutgers Law School. RIIPL is designed to promote research, innovation, and education in the increasingly important field of information policy.

The primary purpose of the Institute for Law & Philosophy is to further the mission of the law school and Rutgers University, and in particular to advance knowledge and understanding of philosophically significant legal topics, both in normative legal theory and in analytical jurisprudence.