Course Description

601:564 Family Law Systems (3 credits) (WI*, no exam)


LE 24

This class examines the role of family law and other systems in the creation of structural inequality, both in the present and historically, including by means of our caste-based system of residential segregation. In contrast to the traditional family law course, the course considers the interaction of dispute-resolution family law with other family law systems, especially the child protection and support enforcement systems and domestic violence law, as well as the impact of immigration, criminal justice, and welfare and disability benefit systems on families. We will study the internal logics of these intertwined systems and the beliefs that sustain them, as well as proposals and prospects for abolition and repair. Basic grounding in applicable doctrine is provided. This course complements the basic family law survey course and can also be taken independently.

Requirements: Active participation in discussion; a series of short writing assignments, and opportunities to co-lead class discussion. People seeking WI credit will also complete a research paper or policy analysis on a topic approved by the professor.