Course Description

601:573 Fiduciary Law (3) WI



Many law school classes deal directly or indirectly with the role of fiduciaries. Trusts and Estates, Agency, Business Organizations, Securities Regulation, and Professional Responsibility all address the obligations of fiduciaries to their principals. This course focuses exclusively on the fiduciary relationship. It explores the foundations of fiduciary law, when and why fiduciary relationships arise in the common law, and the particular duties imposed. The course will also contrast common law fiduciary duties with statutorily imposed duties. We will read and discuss a series of cases regarding the duties and obligations of fiduciaries, as well as a small number of scholarly articles on fiduciary law. There will be no final exam. Each student will be required to prepare a final paper and present the final paper to the class. Students may also be required to prepare one or two short discussion papers.