Course Description



Ineffective attorneys and judges not only damage their own reputations, but our justice system; upending the lives of defendants and victims alike.  This course will cover post-conviction relief, which deals with allegations of ineffective representation and constitutional violations.

As a skills credit, in addition to the study of case law focusing on wrongful convictions and attorney misconduct, students will review and react to discovery and transcripts from current criminal cases. Through this class, students will learn not only the standards governing trial attorneys (both defense and prosecution) and judges, as well as gain an understanding of post-conviction relief proceedings, but will learn how to be truly effective in criminal practice.

This course does not have a final exam. Instead, students will be expected to submit regular reaction papers, and present in the classroom.  Students will also be given case studies in which they will re-evaluate and re-work cases to correct errors or poor choices made by counsel. As a result, students will learn what the law requires of them, see what is currently being done, and learn how to do it better.