Course Description

601:710 DIRECTED PRACTICUM (1 or 2) S/WI*

Clinical Faculty

Permission of the Clinical Faculty Supervisor and the Vice Dean required.

1 or 2 credits. S. WI possible.

Prerequisites: 56 credits toward graduation, Professional Responsibility

This experiential course provides students who cannot participate in an in-house clinic or hybrid clinic the opportunity to perform case-based work under close faculty supervision. Students may register for a Directed Practicum only with approval of the Vice Dean and the Clinical Faculty Supervisor. 

In order to apply for permission for a Directed Practicum, students generally must have completed several pre-requisites, including successful completion of Professional Responsibility, 56 credits towards graduation, Evidence, and any other coursework required by the Clinical Faculty Supervisor. Students must be in good academic standing, and must be eligible for admission to practice pursuant to the New Jersey Student Practice Rule. 

Applications for Directed Practicum must be submitted to the Vice Dean and to the Clinical Faculty Supervisor prior to the commencement of the academic session. All Directed Practicum applications must identify the supervising clinical faculty member, who must verify by his or her signature that the faculty member is admitted to appear in the relevant jurisdiction, and must indicate who will be responsible for any ongoing case responsibilities after the student’s work in the Directed Practicum has ended. Students considering a Directed Practicum are encouraged to secure faculty and Vice Dean approval well in advance.