Course Description

601:552. CIVIL MEDIATION (3) S


The professor is available to meet with students as pre-arranged either before or after class or any other mutually agreed upon time.

This skills course provides both a theoretical and practical approach to the use of mediation in the courts and community. It has met the Judiciary training requirements for various municipal and other mediator rosters.

Theoretical: Students will be required to write a paper on a key aspect of mediation, such as confidentiality, immunity, or challenges of specific case type mediations. The paper must be a minimum of 10 pages double-spaced.

Clinical: There will be guest speakers, including judges and lawyers, who are intimately involved in the use of mediation and can provide a practical perspective to students. The students will also engage in numerous role plays and exercises illustrating the skills necessary to both effectively mediate cases and advocate a client's position in a mediation forum. The professor will assist connecting students with veteran mediators so to complete a brief interview assignment.

Students will be strongly encouraged to participate in the Rutgers pro bono mediation project and/or other court and community mediation programs. The professor will assist interested students in obtaining volunteer experience.