Course Description



Prerequisites: Contract Law required.  Some familiarity with Intellectual Property Law is highly recommended.

This writing intensive class will simulate the negotiation of an intellectual property licensing transaction, drafting a term sheet, and drafting a definitive licensing agreement. Prior coursework in intellectual property is not required, although it may be helpful. The class will meet for the first 2 – 3 weeks, during which we will discuss the applicable intellectual property law, as well as the law governing license contracts. Students will then be paired (as counsel for licensee & licensor) and each student will be given a set of instructions from their client. Students will first negotiate and draft a term sheet, and then draft a definitive license agreement. Students will submit drafts of the term sheet and the definitive license agreement and meet with the faculty instructor who will provide feedback on the drafts. Grades will be based on the final (non-draft) documents.