Course Description




3-4 Credits, at the discretion of the professor

Intensive Writing Credit

Professional Responsibility is a pre or co-requisite.

This is an advanced legal analysis, writing and research class in which every student will research and write at least one complex writing assignment on a legal issue affecting the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered community.  Based on an experiential and service-learning approach, the course is paired with a non-profit community organization offering free/sliding scale representation to some LGBT clients.  Each project will be generated by the organization’s legal services department in conjunction with their legal research needs. There may also be additional legal research projects assigned as the need arises. Students’ work and deadlines may be staggered throughout the semester.  At various stages, they will receive and submit review feedback. Through group and one-on-one conferences and in-class presentations, I will provide additional feedback and review.

The course will consist of a discussion of advanced legal research and writing theory and argumentation; a discussion of specialized LGBT community/legal representation issues; professionalism; group interaction with each student’s research strategies, outlines and drafts, which may be distributed to the class; and other lawyering exercises.  We will also have various opportunities to interact with our assigning attorney, the legal director of the organization: in an initial meeting/field trip to the client’s offices; through conference calls with the class; in a final briefing on the assignment; and through participation in any social receptions or events the client may be participating in.

Currently, because this course will be considered a hybrid clinic and considered a part of the clinical offerings at Rutgers, students will have certain limitations on their registration and participation in the class, including particular conflicts and confidentiality restrictions as set by the professor, the director of the clinical programs and applicable rules of professional responsibility.