Course Description

601:592. COMMON LAW CAPSTONE LAB (1 credit)

Nissen, Cook, Wardell

Common Law Capstone Lab

Master Course Description

1 credit; non-course credit; pass/fail

Limited enrollment:

Corequisite: Common Law Capstone

This interactive lab course is designed to complement the Common Law Capstone course. This course focuses on mastering the specific skills needed to complete the three major components of any bar exam successfully:

(1) essays;

(2) multiple-choice questions; and

(3) performance test portions.

The course will also focus on understanding the bar review and bar examination process, with a primary focus on the New Jersey bar examination which is a UBE (Uniform Bar Exam) jurisdiction.

Students will learn specific exam taking skills related to success on the bar exam, including strategies for reading and answering questions more quickly and more accurately. The course will also address the intangibles of successful bar taking -- student attitude, stress and time management. Specific skills will be taught to help students manage these factors so that they are positioned to successfully engage with the content and assessments provided in Common Law Capstone.