Course Description

601.628. FEDERAL PRISONER REENTRY CLINIC (4 or 6 credits) W, S, WI Optional


Limited Enrollment. W, S and WI optional.

Prerequisites: completion of 56 course credits as well as the courses in Professional Responsibility and Evidence. 

Exclusions: No simultaneous registration with externship or another clinic without permission of instructor.

Students will represent ex-offenders in resolving civil legal matters that present significant barriers to successful reintegration into society. Students will work with federal probation officers to identify clients’ legal issues, and students may visit a federal correctional facility to interview new clients. 

Typical cases involve outstanding arrest warrants, driver's license suspensions, and child support. Under the supervision of the managing attorney, students will work in teams and handle cases from initial intake through resolution.  Students will interview and counsel clients, appear in court, and perform legal research and writing as required.  Students may appear before administrative tribunals as well as municipal and superior courts in all parts of New Jersey.  

In addition to providing high-quality legal representation, students will participate in a seminar, which will include lecture and discussion on topics including lawyering skills, ethical issues, and issues of substantive law.