Course Description

601:582, 667. PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY (2 or 3) S depending on instructor

Chase, Finkelstein, Friedman, Gottesman, Jenoff, Johnson, Lore, Schalick, Shashoua,

This course is a graduation requirement for all students.

Explores the legal constraints and ethical considerations confronting the legal profession. Analyzes the role(s) of the lawyer and the sometimes competing obligations of the lawyer to the client, society, the court, and the self. Specific problems examined include: lawyer regulation, advertising and solicitation, confidentiality, conflicts of interest, and the adversary system of justice.

The course is offered in a two credit form, meeting the graduation requirement, and a three credit form, the extra credit serving different purposes. The additional credit can be for a broader or deeper delving into the material; or it can be focused more on experiential and skills learning, such as simulations with actors as clients or witnesses (this will have an S designation).