Course Description

601:706. Children and the Law (3)

Schalick. Prerequisite : Family Law

Children in the last few decades have been given special recognition and increased protection under state, federal and international law. But doctrines and beliefs developed in periods when the social value of children was low and the legal duties of parents and the state was minimal, continue to influence the way the law views children.

This course will survey various areas of the law concerning children and examine their sources and influences. Topics to be covered are: (1) the responsibilities of the state and family in the care of the child, including education; (2) the legal treatment of abused and neglected children; (3) rules concerning the medical treatment of children; (4) adoption, surrogacy and parentage; (5) the treatment of children accused of crimes; (6) children’s disabilities; and (7) government entitlement programs for children.

The course will also examine the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, a treaty that seeks to render universal certain rules respecting the treatment of children.