Course Description

601:718. Comparative Labor and Employment Law (2)(WI)

Professor Harvey


This seminar will explore the variety of labor and employment law regimes found in the world today. The goal of this inquiry will be to identify “best practices”—either doctrinal or procedural—and consider whether and how they might be incorporated into the U.S. labor and employment law regime. Following a brief overview of the distinguishing features of U.S. labor and employment law, we will spend approximately two thirds of the course studying the similar and contrasting features of a cross section of other countries—including South Africa, Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, and Japan. During the rest of the semester each member of the seminar will be afforded the opportunity to present their own research either comparing the approaches of other countries to a particular issue or providing an overview of the labor and employment law regime in a country we have not studied during the first part of the semester. Grading will be based on a research paper and participation in seminar discussions during class and/or on the seminar discussion board.