Course Description



Prerequisites: Family Mediation or a New Jersey Superior Court-approved 40 hour divorce mediation training program meeting Court Rule 1:40.  Students must have successfully completed all required first year courses and be in good academic standing.

Exclusions: No cross-registration with Externship or Clinic without permission of instructor. 

Special Note: Course meets in a two-hour block once a week. Students must be available at times other than the scheduled class hours to accommodate scheduled mediations.  Students must be available to perform custody/parenting mediations for the Camden County Court in Cherry Hill at specified times. 

The Mediation Clinic involves a seminar component and a practice component where students mediate disputes for litigants. Students will receive specialized training during classroom time, will review case work and receive feedback.  Students will be mediating custody/parenting matters for the Camden County Courts at their Cherry Hill location. The Family Mediation Clinic provides students with the opportunity to gather and organize information, and use mediation processes and techniques to help litigants resolve their matters.