Course Description

601:738. Seminar: Tort Law-Current Issues, 3 credits, W/WI*


Prerequisite: TORTS.

Exclusions: Students who have taken Products Liability may not take Tort Law-Current Issues.

Exploration of the law and policy implications underlying contemporary tort issues involving legislative and judicial reform. Topics may include abrogation of joint and several liability, categorical liability, contingency fee elimination, class action reform, damage caps, design defect jurisprudence, government standards defense, immunity, mandatory arbitration clauses, market share liability, medical liability reform, offers of settlement, preemption, pre judgment interest elimination, punitive damage reform, state of the art defense, statutes of limitation and statutes of repose. Readings will be a mix of case law, photocopied materials and hyperlinks posted to the course web site. Students will serve as first year associates in a law firm presented with cutting edge issues in a personal injury case. They will engage in a writing experience and will present their paper to the class.