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Name: Isabel Ballester '26
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Undergrad: Davidson College

Isabel (ees-ah-belle) is invested in serving her community and creating spaces for people to feel seen & heard. Prior to law school, she spent three years working at the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office in the Special Investigations and Conviction Integrity Units where she worked on cases involving police misconduct and wrongful incarcerations. Most recently, she held the role of Program Coordinator with the Youth Sentencing & Reentry Project, an organization that believes children do not belong in adult jails or prisons, and that people deserve to return home and live full lives with dignity. 
Isabel is a first-generation, Afro-Latina law student with a passion for social justice and advocacy. She has a BA in Sociology, with a focus on Gender & Sexuality Studies, from Davidson College. 

Name: Mike Bauder '24
Hometown: Hazleton, PA
Undergrad: Misericordia University, PA
Interests: International Human Rights, Veterans Law, Anti-Poverty Advocacy

Mike was drafted in to public interest and social justice work before he could even ride a bike. His parents instilled in him the importance of service before self and taught him that each human being was born with value. It was the principle of love for others (and conscription by his parents) that drove Mike to serve and volunteer in many capacities in his small hometown of Hazleton, PA. In 2002, Mike enlisted in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard and deployed to Iraq in 2004. War was hard but coming home was harder. Serving other people proved to be some of the best therapy for Mike because it helped shift his thinking from himself to others. Serving others has taken him to places like Jamaica, England and India. Mike has a background in federal acquisition which provided the opportunity to live and work in the Kingdom of Bahrain for a few years. Those years gave him the chance to live among many different cultures. Service for others has always been the legacy that he was born in to but is now the legacy that he is continuing to build upon. 

Jenna Centofanti (RLAW '25)

Name: Jenna Centofanti '25
Hometown: Middleton, Massachusetts
Undergrad: Mount Holyoke College
Interest: Housing Justice and Reform, Economic Justice, and Civil Rights 

Jenna Centofanti has spent the time between graduating college and beginning law school working for different undomiciled populations in New York State. She has worked with victims of domestic violence fleeing alleged abusers, those struggling with substance abuse disorders, former veterans, and others afflicted with housing insecurities. Jenna has assisted her former clients in receiving subsidized housing, vouchers, welfare, and various medical services. It was her work during the pandemic that made Jenna want to focus on the law surrounding housing rights and to become a better advocate. Jenna is interested in learning more about eviction prevention during her time at Rutgers law and other ways to assist those affected by the housing crisis that arose from the Covid-19 Pandemic. Jenna hopes with her passion and a legal education, she can better serve her community at large.

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Name: Lauren Dempsey `26
Hometown: Scranton, PA
Undergrad: Temple University 

Lauren is a first-generation law student. She spent three years post-undergrad working as a paralegal at the Pennsylvania Health Law Project where she helped Pennsylvanians across the Commonwealth retain their life-sustaining Medicaid health insurance and services. As an undergraduate student, Lauren served as a court-advocate intern with Central Division Victim Services in Philadelphia. She was a support system for survivors of crime and advocated for their rights and interests throughout the court process. Lauren’s time as a paralegal and victim advocate intern reaffirmed her desire to become a social justice focused attorney.
From a very young age, Lauren’s family instilled in her the importance of showing gratitude for the life you live and always dedicating time to give back to others. She has carried these lessons of gratitude and service through her life thus far and continues to use them to inform her future career path. Lauren is passionate about using her skills as an attorney to zealously represent marginalized communities through individual advocacy and policy reform.

Name: Loris Dennis `24
Hometown: Michigan
Undergraduate: Denison University
Graduate: Boston University
Interests: Public Interest, Education Law

Loris Dennis is a 1L from Michigan. She attended Denison University as a Psychology major. Throughout her studies at Denison, she took on various leadership roles and completed independent research focusing on the intersection between literacy development and disadvantaged communities. After undergrad, Loris joined Teach for America in Boston, Massachusetts where she received her Masters in Education, taught 10th-grade Biology and worked for the organization outside of teaching. While working as a teacher, she noticed the racial and economic struggles her students and families were experiencing and wanted to do everything she could to support them. She knew law school was an important step to advocating and serving them.  She is particularly interested in the education, the legal system, and housing injustices that face communities of color and disadvantaged populations.  Loris hopes to use her law degree to advocate and serve communities like her students to ensure they are receiving justice. Loris strives for equity ensuring these communities are getting the legal justice they need and deserve.

Name: Meghan DeVol `24
Hometown: Columbus, OH
Undergrad: The Ohio State University
Interests: Racial Justice, Civil Rights, Voting Rights, and Criminal Justice Reform

Meghan’s passion for justice was ignited by her experience as a student in Columbus City Schools. Her experiences in CCS and her love of history led her to declare a double major in History and African American and African Studies in college. As Meghan became more socially and politically conscious and as her knowledge of historical injustice continued to grow, so did her desire to put the knowledge she acquired into action. The intersection of law, history, and social justice, and the desire to serve others is what led Meghan to law school. Meghan is most interested in racial justice and its deep connections to all other social issues, especially mass incarceration, and voter suppression. She hopes to continue to learn and work to empower marginalized communities towards justice in her time as a Social Justice Scholar and as an attorney.

Name: Jibri Douglas, MPH `25
Hometown: Newark, NJ
Undergrad: University of Georgia
Interests: Racial Justice, Civil Rights, Real Estate, Public Health, Entrepreneurship, Movement Lawyering, Civil Litigation 

Jibri Douglas hails from Newark, NJ, and is currently a 1LE in the part-time program. In 2010, Jibri graduated from the University of Georgia with a bachelor's degree in Health Promotion and Behavior. Since graduating from UGA, Jibri has worked tirelessly in the HIV/AIDS field in many capacities primarily with LGBT homeless youth, substance users and formerly incarcerated women of color. In 2017, Jibri graduated with their Master of Public Health degree from Drexel University concentrating in Health Management and Policy.  Today, Jibri is the Program Manager of Family Planning for a local Philadelphia non-profit as well as a professor at Montclair State University. Additionally, Jibri identifies as a social entrepreneur who over the years has slowly married their background in public health to entrepreneurship. Jibri started their journey in 2008 by publishing their first poetry book "Old Vs. New: The Chronicles of Growth" selling over 300 copies in undergrad. In 2015, after successfully launching the first hospital-wide LGBTQ healthcare initiative in Hudson County, NJ, Jibri founded TJD Medical Consulting, a small diversity and inclusion boutique consulting firm with a focus on healthcare organizations. In 2019, Jibri transitioned into real estate development. After years of working in public health and seeing the impacts of housing blight on communities, Jibri created Noire Real Estate, LLC. As a Social Justice Scholar and subsequently as a practicing attorney, Jibri plans to combine their experience and passion for public health, real estate, and entrepreneurism to work alongside communities to revitalize residential and commercial properties, close the generational wealth gap, and fight against codified disenfranchisement in our legal system for Black and Brown communities. Jibri's ultimate goal is one day become a judge at either the appellate or state Supreme Court. 

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Name: Kevon Elzey '26
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Undergrad: Howard University, Washington DC
Interests: International & Criminal Law

From an early age, Kevon knew he wanted to be a lawyer. He wasted no time on getting closer to accomplishing his goals as he immediately began law school after completing undergrad. Along with receiving his bachelor's degree, Kevon also commissioned through AFROTC as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Air Force. As a newly commissioned officer, he was selected for an Educational Delay through the Air Force Judge Advocate General (JAG) Corps. This highly competitive program has granted him the opportunity to delay his service and study full-time at Rutgers Law School so that he can return to active duty as a JAG. While this program is not funded, Kevon earned a full tuition scholarship from the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation. He hopes to serve as a professor after his military career.

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Name: Kristina Goshorn `26
Hometown: Gettysburg, PA
Undergrad: Albright College

Kristina is a first-generation college and law student. She is a member of the Minority Student Program and APALSA at Rutgers Law. Born in Okinawa, Japan to her U.S. Army Veteran father and immigrant mother from the Philippines, Kristina has always had the exposure to recognize the significance of diversity in forming the American culture. She studied abroad in Santiago, Chile, where she also volunteered with the Ministry of Education of Chile as an English Teacher’s Assistant.
Upon her undergraduate graduation, Kristina completed two internships, serving as a summer intern for U.S. Senator Bob Casey Jr. in Philadelphia, PA and for U.S. Representative Dina Titus in Washington, D.C. She then worked as a field organizer for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party during the U.S. 2018 midterm elections. Kristina has primarily worked as a paralegal, most recently for The Galati Law Firm where she helps immigrants from all over the world seek a new life in America.

Jacob Honesty

Name: Jacob Honesty '25
Hometown: Wayne, PA
Undergraduate: University of Maryland College Park, MD
Interests: Education Reform, Legislative Reform, and Housing Rights

Jacob grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Since he was a child, Jacob’s family has always emphasized the importance of being aware of the inequalities present in American society. This emphasis is what drove him to pursue a Bachelors Degree in Public Policy at the University of Maryland. Throughout his undergraduate and professional careers, Jacob has experienced firsthand the value of both education and housing reform. During his time at the University of Maryland, one of Jacob’s professors strongly accentuated the utility of a legal education in policy work. Jacob has interned at the Chester County District Attorney’s Office in West Chester, Pennsylvania. The courtroom experiences at this internship were the deciding factor in Jacob’s attending law school. Post-undergrad, Jacob worked at a personal injury firm in Blue Bell, PA, where he learned how to work clients from diverse backgrounds. Jacob hopes to use his law degree to influence positive changes in educational and housing policy and to promote equity in underserved communities.

Deidra Hopkins

Name: Deidra Hopkins `26
Hometown: Perkasie, PA

Undergrad: Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Interest: Judicial Reform and Civil Rights Advocacy

Deidra has spent more than seven years working in various aspects of the judicial system. In her current capacity, she works in judicial management where she helps manage all of the District Courts in her Judicial District. Her time in the judicial system helped her see that, when properly executed, there is real capacity for healing through restorative justice.  Unfortunately, she also recognized that those instances were more rare than common. She witnessed overly prioritized bureaucracy, racial bias, socioeconomic disparity and political motivations come into play far too often with far too devastating an effect.
Her life has been touched by immigration laws, disability laws, healthcare laws, employment laws, juvenile justice and civil rights laws, all of which put vulnerable people in situations that they are not always equipped to navigate with the expectation that they do so with precision and expertise in order to avoid life altering consequences.

Talia Irvine

Name: Talia Irvine '26
Hometown: Kissimmee, FL
Undergraduate: Temple University
Interests: Indigent Criminal Defense

Talia Irvine is enrolled in the part-time program. Talia’s interest in justice began at the age of twelve when her family became a foster home for children in Florida. She observed issues of addiction, domestic violence, and the intricate and complex issues that accompany such circumstances. She also got a look into the criminal justice system, and how it treated those who need assistance. Talia was passionate about being part of the change and moved to Philadelphia for her undergraduate education at Temple University. As a Criminal Justice major, Talia was able to intern with the public defender’s office in Philadelphia. This internship cemented her passion for indigent criminal defense and continued to open her eyes to how the criminal justice system functioned as a whole. After graduation, Talia began working full time at the Defender Association of Philadelphia, where she still works today. She continues her passion outside of her work through volunteer opportunities, specifically with the New Leash on Life – USA re-entry program. Talia has, and plans to continue, to dedicate her professional life to equality, fairness, and advocacy for those who do not have the resources to fight for themselves.

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Name: Donisha Kendrick `26
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Undergrad: Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Interest: Employment Law, Pay Equity, Economic Justice, Intellectual Property

Donisha is a first-generation college graduate and law student. As an undergraduate, she studied Economics, where she did research on the gender wage gap in higher education. Prior to starting law school, she worked as a caseworker for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, providing public benefits. She served one of the most vulnerable populations of Philadelphia, giving her a first-hand view of where services for the low-income communities were lacking. She is driven by inequities she saw growing up in a low-income black community, research she completed during undergrad, and gaps in the system she noticed while working as a civil servant.

Name: Jeremy Koepf 
Hometown:  Caro, MI
Undergrad: B.S. in Clinical Laboratory Science from Grand Valley State University
Grad: M.A. in Higher Education, Administration from Boston College
Interests: science, medical technology, healthcare, and education

Both a scientist and an educator, Jeremy has spent his career working to support and elevate the communities around him. Jeremy received his B.S. in Clinical Laboratory Science at GVSU and worked for a decade in community outreach hospitals performing diagnostic testing including hematology, chemistry, coagulation, immunohematology. In this work, Jeremy was able to support medical care for vulnerable and underserved populations, like advocating for more inclusive testing for trans women in the healthcare system.
Clinical work granted the incredible opportunity to save lives but infrequently provided the ability to change lives. Education seemed to be an answer, so Jeremy enrolled in graduate school and acquired his M.A. in Higher Education from Boston College. Through his work within the Dean's Division at Boston College and Swarthmore College, Jeremy was able to support programs like: first-generation and low-income initiatives, the College Transitions Program, the Alcohol Screen and Prevention Initiative, and as an lgbtqia+ mentor.
At the start 2020, with a mind to starting law school, Jeremy moved back into the laboratory full time and worked through the pandemic, which included performing COVID-19 PCR testing in microbiology and issuing COVID-19 convalescent plasma in immunohematology.

Name: Zaniya Lewis `24
Hometown: Edgewater Park, NJ
Undergraduate: The George Washington University
Interests: Civil Rights Law, Education Law, Employment Law, Veterans Law, and Sports Law

Growing up in a military family sparked Zaniya's passion for social justice and advocacy. Zaniya has experienced many obstacles in life, which inspired her to start her own nonprofit organization called YesSheCanCampaign, a 501c3 national nonprofit that empowers youth
to be extraordinary and to change the world. Her nonprofit is centered on equipping young people who are overcoming adversity with the tools and resources to succeed in college and their careers.  In 2019, Zaniya experienced scholarship award displacement as
an undergraduate student and her advocacy is breaking barriers, already resulting in a law (S985) that restricts scholarship award displacement at New Jersey public universities. New Jersey is now the second state in the nation to outlaw scholarship award displacement.
Her advocacy inspired the Helping Students Plan for College Act 2021, a federal bill to address scholarship award displacement nationwide. Having access to resources and opportunities Zaniya had not previously known existed brought inspiration and purpose to her life. Zaniya aspires to use her legal degree to assist government agencies and corporations in developing their diversity initiatives, employment programs, military and veterans affairs, scholarship programs, and more. She is also interested in working in several areas of law, such as employment law, veterans law, education law, sports law, civil rights, and more. Zaniya’s mission in life is to inspire others to keep climbing and to use their passions to make a difference in the world.

Alexis McDonough

Name: Alexis McDonough '25
Hometown: Williamstown, NJ
Undergrad: Thomas Edison State University
Interests: Health law and public interest

Alexis McDonough discovered her love for advocacy at an early age. As the eldest daughter of a single mother, she witnessed first-hand the injustices faced by those of a lower socio-economic status in America. During her career as a nuclear medicine technologist, she saw some disheartening trends. It seemed to her that poor people were receiving substandard healthcare and minority status only worsened health outcomes. This observation led her to finish her bachelor’s degree in health administration. During her time at Thomas Edison State University, the topic of minority status as it relates to healthcare in the United States was a recurring theme in her coursework. Having already been interested in this harsh reality faced by disadvantaged Americans, a deeper dive into the statistics available on the subject lead her to make it the center point of her capstone assignment. After multiple reworkings, her final thesis read: “Minority groups in America face health disparities and inequities that negatively impact their health, resulting in poorer health outcomes than their white counterparts, due in large part to the existence of systemic racism in America.” She decided it would be too difficult to continue her work in healthcare after unearthing these terrible realities and wanted to become part of the solution. She hopes to gain a complete understanding of the laws that govern healthcare in the United States in order to help underrepresented and disadvantaged groups in her community. The Social Justice Scholars program at Rutgers was also a major factor in her decision to attend the school.

Name: Shirneil Merisier `25
Undergraduate: The Pennsylvania State University 
Hometown: Abington, PA
Interests: Family Law, Immigration Law, and Civil Rights Law

Shirneil Merisier is a 1L evening student balancing law school and her position at Women Against Abuse as a paralegal, where she advocates for domestic violence victims/survivors as they navigate the judicial system. Aside from the daily advocacy Shirneil engages in with her clients. She is also committed to social justice reform within the workplace. She has taken the responsibility of facilitating conversations on the presence of implicit bias, discriminatory practices, and the role of the police in domestic violence. 

Shirneil’s interest in social justice reform was first sparked by her parents. As the daughter of immigrants, she has witnessed her parents interact with the various judicial systems and has seen first-hand how inaccessible the judicial system is to vulnerable populations. Her goal is to become a liaison between the system and those who are vulnerable. Shirneil is passionate about raising the voices of those who are often overlooked and dismissed.

Prior to law school, Shirneil graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a B.A. in Public Relations, a B.A. in Psychology, and a minor in Dispute Management and resolutions. While on campus her commitment to her community and social justice reform could be seen through her work within her sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. While on campus Shirneil served as the Global target chair and implemented programs raising awareness on global issues.

Shirneil is dedicated to social justice reform and is excited to expand her areas of interest and advocacy alongside the Social Justice Scholars

Jasmyn Montgomery

Name: Jasmyn Montgomery `25
Hometown: Trenton, NJ
Undergrad: Delaware State University
Interests: Civil Rights; Criminal Justice Reform; Racial Justice

Jasmyn’s passion for social justice and advocacy began as a young girl. Her parents instilled in her how important it was to help others, starting with those in her community. Jasmyn graduated from Delaware State University with a degree in Criminal Justice. After graduating, worked as a substitute teacher, a Human Resource consultant, a Realtor, a Licensing Analyst, and an Attorney Recruiting and Development Assistant. While working at her last job, she served as the Diversity and Internal Awareness Coordinator, where she was able to facilitate social reform within her workplace. She held weekly firmwide discussions to promote understanding, acceptance, and appreciation of diversity.

Jasmyn volunteers at the Young Scholars Institute, which is a program that provides Educational, Cultural and Recreational activities for inner city youth. She also volunteers at several centers that provide Women with domestic violence help and housing for displaced Women and Children. Jasmyn desires to use her law degree to advocate for and serve disadvantaged communities who are disproportionately impacted by the justice system.

Lauren Ramos

Name: Lauren “Ren” Ramos `25
Hometown: Knoxville, TN
Undergrad: Smith College
Interests: Youth justice, LGBTQ rights, movement lawyering

Ren (she/they) is a queer Latina whose interest in social justice stems from witnessing the impact of discrimination and inequality in her conservative hometown. While at Smith College, they studied history and sociology with a focus on gender, sexuality, and social movements. They also worked as a research assistant for a reproductive justice history project, through which they created accessible materials for activists to use while organizing. Ren’s research culminated in a sociology honors thesis analyzing the collective memory of HIV/AIDS activism in the United States, which inspires her to bring historical perspectives to her current social justice work.

During undergrad, Ren interned at the Knoxville Public Defender’s Community Law Office, where she became determined to combine social and legal services in her future career. Ren also interned at the Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth, where they handled correspondence from those who are or have been incarcerated as young people and worked on the development of accessible materials for Spanish speakers. These experiences have led her to Rutgers Law, where she is looking forward to working to expand access to legal education, social support, and justice for her community. Ren is most passionate about serving young people who are involved with the legal system, particularly those who are LGBTQ or members of other marginalized communities. They hope to pursue a path of movement lawyering in order to facilitate the work of progressive organizers.

Name: Missy Rebovich `24
Hometown: Bordentown, NJ
Undergrad: Rider University
Interests: Public Interest, Environmental Justice, Gender-based Violence 

Missy has been working in government affairs and communications since graduating from Rider University in 2012. She is passionate about making New Jersey a place where everyone—regardless of race or ethnicity, gender identity, sexuality, or religion—can thrive by working to change laws that perpetuate systemic injustices. As the director of government and public affairs at New Jersey Future, Missy’s government affairs work has helped advance laws that protect residents from lead exposure and require municipalities to do climate hazard planning to keep communities and businesses safe from rising sea levels and other climate threats.

Yaslin Reyes

Name: Yaslin Reyes ‘25
Hometown: Newark, NJ
Undergrad: Rowan University

Born and raised in the city of Newark, to two first generation immigrant parents, Yaslin developed a strong desire to succeed in a career that would allow her to serve her community. Knowing that this would be best achieved through a career in the legal field, Yaslin pursued a bachelor’s degree in Law and Justice Studies from Rowan University. Throughout her time in undergrad, Yaslin helped organize various community service and informational events, to educate the student body about various social justice causes in need of immediate attention and aid. By her senior year, Yaslin had narrowed her career search and realized that she wanted to earn a law degree and become an attorney. Through the help of her professors and mentors, Yaslin was given the opportunity to intern at Kids in Need of Defense (KIND), a non-profit organization that works to provide free legal representation to unaccompanied children faced with immigration proceedings. Her experience with KIND solidified what she refers to as her “life’s purpose” by reassuring her that helping children navigate legal systems is exactly what she was meant to be doing. Yaslin is excited to continue doing the work she is passionate about through the Social Justice Scholars Program. She is also excited and eager to work with other members of SJS for causes they are passionate about as well.

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Name: Chyanne Rhodes `26
Undergrad: Rutgers University-New Brunswick

As a child raised by a single mother, Chyanne became very passionate about social justice and helping low income and single parent homes. She graduated from Rutgers University, New Brunswick with a degree in Political Science and Minor in Sociology. After graduating, Chyanne worked as a United States Peace Corps Volunteer in Guyana, South America. She assisted in remodeling a health center in a local village and co-facilitated the Health and Family Life Education curriculum in three grades, resulting in over 300 students receiving increased knowledge on life skills and sexual reproductive health. She went on to serve as an Aide to the Governor in Governor Phil Murphy’s Office of Constituent Relations, then became a Judicial Assistant to the Honorable Heather V. Taylor of New Jersey Superior Court, Essex County Vicinage. She plans to be a litigator and work with survivors of domestic violence.

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Name: Kerry Robinson `26
Hometown: Tuscaloosa, AL
Undergrad: Swarthmore College
Interest: Housing Law, Civil Rights Law, Public Interest

Kerry has always maintained an interest in housing and housing access for all. After graduation, he worked at the Chester Housing Authority for over six years as an Occupancy Specialist in Housing Choice Voucher Department. During that time, he managed a caseload of over 350 households, conducted program briefings, assisted families with moves and tenant-landlord issues, and coordinated the main waiting list as well as specialized voucher admission programs. During the summer of 2020, he quickly developed a remote leasing process and worked to get 28 households from shelters into permanent housing by the fall under a special voucher initiative. In addition, he was a member of the Homeless Services Coalition within the Delaware County Governing Board, which was a group of housing providers throughout Delaware County, Pennsylvania working together to address homelessness throughout the county and improve the system of care. Kerry hopes to use the law to increase access to affordable housing, make vouchers more accessible and useful, and help increase understanding of tenant's rights.

Name: Zahirah Sabir '23
Undergrad: Rowan College

Zahirah is currently a 1L student in the evening program, while balancing a career with Rowan College at Burlington County, overseeing the grants office and workforce development outreach. Raised in a family that always emphasized the importance of helping others and being an advocate. Zahirah is a member of the Board of Directors for CONTACT of Burlington County which is a suicide and sexual assault prevention non-profit organization. In addition to her work with CONTACT, Zahirah volunteers with the Burlington Vicinage’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee, and the Burlington County Women’s Council, which dedicates time to tackling gender equity issues.

Zahirah formerly worked as a Legislative Aide for Assemblyman Whip Wilson of the 5th Legislative District where she was tasked with serving as a direct liaison for the Assemblyman to the Governor’s Office, Executive Branch Departments and Agencies, NJ Senate, Federal Representatives, County and Municipal officials as well as managing constituent cases. While advocating for constituents, she realized her passion for education and housing equity issues as well as linking community members to necessary resources. This passion for advocacy is also what lead Zahirah to law school and the SJS program.

Julia Sarabia

Name: Julia Sarabia '25
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Undergrad: University of California, Los Angeles 
Interests: Economic Justice, Public Policy Reform & Advocacy for Underserved Communities 

Julia a first generation Mexican American and first in her family to go to college and law school. She holds a bachelor’s degree from UCLA in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. Prior to starting law school, she worked in student services serving low income first generation students from diverse backgrounds in Los Angeles and at a family law firm in the Las Vegas area serving a Latino majority client base. She is interested in serving current and former foster youth and system impacted individuals among other special populations.  She is a Legal Education Access Pipeline Fellow, Pipeline to Practice Fellow and Hispanic Scholarship Fund Scholar. 

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Name: Devon Seville `26
Hometown: Delran, NJ
Undergrad: Virginia Tech
Interests: Criminal Law, Military Law

From a young age, Devon was taught the importance of leadership, service, and standing up for others. As a proud Eagle Scout, Devon lives by the Scout Oath and believes in the duty to his God and country to help other people at all times. For his undergraduate education, Devon studied National Security while in the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets and Army Reserve Officer Training Corps. As a Cadet, Devon studied what it means to be an ethical leader, especially during a time of widespread public distrust in government. He believes many of America’s biggest problems today stem from a lack of leadership and accountability. Upon graduating, Devon sought to become an active part of the solution, and a role model for others. Devon is a Military Police Officer and Platoon Leader in the New Jersey Army National Guard while attending law school. He plans to use his legal education to improve the criminal justice system and advocate for soldiers.

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Name: Aubrey Owen Shiffner `26
Hometown: South Brunswick, NJ
Undergrad: Bryn Mawr College
Interest: LGBTQ rights

Aubrey attended Bryn Mawr College as a non-traditional student and McBride Scholar after completing an associate’s degree at Rowan College at Burlington County. He graduated in 2019 with a B.A. in history, a minor in history of art, and a concentration in Middle East studies. While at Bryn Mawr, Aubrey pursued a passion for research: he interned at the museum of the American Philosophical Society, helped curate an exhibition of historic textiles at Bryn Mawr, and wrote a senior thesis analyzing depictions of domestic violence by members of the early American temperance movement.
Aubrey also worked in customer service as a retail associate, restaurant server, and casino dealer. Between undergrad and law school, he served Burlington County, NJ as a COVID-19 case investigator and contact tracer from 2020 through the end of the contact tracing project in 2023. In the past, he has volunteered as an advocate for victims of sexual and domestic violence, researched grants to help build capacity for a homeless services organization, and volunteered with an immigration clinic helping largely LGBTQ immigrants to navigate the asylum application process. As an openly queer and trans man, Aubrey is particularly concerned with the current issues facing the LGBTQ community, and hopes to use his education to pursue a career in LGBT rights litigation.

Name: Southiwa "Paula" Souvannaphasy ‘24
Hometown: Marysville, WA
Undergrad: University of Washington
Interest: Criminal Justice Reform, Juvenile Justice and Civil Rights

Paula Souvannaphasy graduated from the University of Washington and spent the last eight years working in nonprofit and government service. After graduation, she spent a year in AmeriCorps VISTA and most recently worked at the ACLU of Washington for five years during the Trump administration before coming to Rutgers Law. She is driven by the inequities she witnessed as a daughter of Laotian refugees and wants to make law more accessible to impacted communities, especially youth and people of color. She has realized that the tools and knowledge of the legal system are hoarded by a small group of privileged people and those tools should be widely dispersed so people can advocate for themselves. She hopes to continue her work in Public Interest Law after graduating from Rutgers Law.

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Name: Anastasia Swanson-Boyd `26
Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
Undergrad: Appalachian State University, NC
Interests: Prisoners’ rights, LGBTQIA+ policy, reproductive rights

Anastasia graduated magna cum laude from Appalachian State University with a degree in Political Science and Philosophy. She has experience working with the North Carolina State Government, with a homeless shelter as a grant writer, and working for Grassroots Campaigns as an Assistant Director with the Biden Victory Fund, Planned Parenthood, ACLU, and more. She is working toward a dual JD/MPAP and plans to practice public interest law with a concentration in public policy. More specifically, she is interested in writing public policy related to prisoner’s rights and the dismantling of mass incarceration. She is also interested in LGBTQIA+ policy and Reproductive Rights Law. 

Name: Kimberly Taylor `25
Hometown: Wilmington, DE
Undergraduate: West Chester University
Graduate: University of Delaware
Interests: Civil Rights Law, Education Law

By day, Kim is the Bi-College Title IX Coordinator at Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges, directing institutional efforts to address issues related to sexual and gender-based discrimination. In the evenings, she is pursuing her JD as a part-time student.

Kim has always been drawn to social justice issues, both through personal and professional experiences. She has spent the majority of her career in higher education, working in addition to Title IX, in campus safety, student conduct, prevention and advocacy, and crisis response. She is eager to merge her experiences as a practitioner with the knowledge and acumen that a law degree will provide. While her current focus is on gender equity, her “social injustice” lens continues to broaden, only deepening her commitment and belief that civil rights and human rights should be synonymous.

Name: Arden Walker ‘24
Undergrad: University of Cape Town (Honours) 
Interests: Economic and Financial Justice

Between her time at the University of Cape Town in South Africa and as an essential worker during the Covid-19 pandemic, Arden comes to Rutgers Law with a distinct understanding of how economic injustice begets other injustices. Arden’s post-graduate research at the University of Cape Town focused on the development of the Islamic Financial and Economic system in Malaysia and the ways in which they did and did not promote a more equitable and stable economy. With a legal education grounded in an intersectional understanding of economic justice, Arden plans to use the law as a tool for creating a more equitable and stable economic landscape. 

Brett G. Weise

Name: Brett G. Weise ‘25
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Undergrad: San Diego State University, CA
Interests: Housing and Homelessness Law & Policy, Public Interest, Community-Based Lawyering, Legislative Counseling

Brett was born and raised in San Diego and began his career in public service while working at San Diego City Hall. As a community representative, communications manager, and eventually senior policy advisor for the Council President, he advocated on behalf of community members for improved public facilities, additional parks & open space, and access to local government. Brett’s policy focus was on land use, housing, and homelessness, which inspired his focus on supporting marginalized tenants and creating inclusive, desegregated neighborhoods. In 2022, Brett worked with LegalAid, immigrant rights groups, and other community members in drafting and ultimately passing an emergency eviction moratorium that kept thousands of families in San Diego from being forced out of their homes.

Brett will translate this passion into his studies and advocacy work while at Rutgers Law. He is a strong believer in both the power of government and the power of communities in effectuating positive social change. Public interest is his focus, and he aspires to apply his policy-making experience into a legislative counsel position for a state or federal legislature.