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Crescente Molina
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Crescente Molina's research concerns contract law, the philosophical foundations of private law, and related issues in legal and moral philosophy. He has written articles on diverse topics in contract theory and the morality of promising, property theory, general jurisprudence, and the nature of rights. His research engages with doctrines and legal materials from across the civil and common law traditions.

Before joining Rutgers in 2023, Professor Molina was a Post-doctoral Fellow in the Project on the Foundations of Private Law at Harvard Law School. Before that he spent several years at the University of Oxford, where he received a doctorate (D.Phil.) in legal philosophy and was a research associate. He has law degrees from UC Berkeley and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (highest honors). Professor Molina is a member of Rutgers' Institute for Law and Philosophy and Associate Graduate Faculty in the Rutgers-New Brunswick Philosophy Department.


Exhortative Legal Influence’ 43 Law and Philosophy 131 (2024)

‘Promises, Commitments, and the Nature of Obligation’, 25 Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy 59 (2023)

Promises, Rights, and Deontic Control’, 39 Law and Philosophy 409 (2020)

Is There Value in Keeping a Promise? A Response to Joseph Raz’, 15 Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy 85 (2019)

The Authority in Property’, 1 Jerusalem Review of Legal Studies 14 (2019)


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