January 18, 2022
Armando Alfonso, RLAW '22, worked on the Cramer Hill Waterfront Park project.
A Rutgers Law Camden student and a Rutgers–New Brunswick alumnus helped transform an abandoned Camden landfill into a waterfront park and a community center, embracing the ideas of Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision that presaged the environmental justice movement

Less than four months before his life ended at the age of 39, Martin Luther King Jr. preached a Christmas Eve sermon where he said, “All life is interrelated.”

As Drew Dellinger wrote in The New York Times on the 50th anniversary of that sermon, King helped lay the groundwork for what would become known as environmental justice. “Dr. King on that morning, in his last Christmas sermon before his assassination, anticipated much of the ecological consciousness and environmental concerns of the next 50 years, and the links between ecology and social justice that are vital to our present and future,” Dellinger said.

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