July 12, 2022

July 12, 2022

Members of the Rutgers Law School Community,

This morning I addressed assembled Law School faculty and staff via Zoom to share my decision that the Law School’s leadership structure will transition from a co‑dean model to a single dean for the beginning of the 2023–24 academic year. The search for a new, single dean, who will report jointly to the chancellors of Rutgers University–Camden and Rutgers University–Newark, will begin this fall.

My decision to move to a single dean is shaped by the information gathered from this year’s Law School Merger Review process, the findings of the recently completed ABA site visit, and the many conversations, both formal and informal, that I have had with members of the university community, the co‑deans, the chancellors, and members of my leadership team.

The Law School will continue to be an integral part of both Chancellor units. The dean will serve as a member of both chancellors’ deans councils and be expected to continue the vital work of the Law School to the communities of Camden and Newark. A detailed position description will be developed by a search committee with input from the Law community. The dean will be expected to spend equal time at both Law School locations and will be responsible for ensuring that Rutgers Law develops a coherent schoolwide mission, while continuing to support location‑specific activities and commitments and local cultures.

This change is not about centralization but about simplification. It is my belief that a single dean will align the Law School under a schoolwide vision and streamline the public and behind‑the‑scenes work that has been managed to date across both Law School locations. I also believe that a single dean model will improve the lived experience of Law School staff, faculty, and students by simplifying structures under a single leader who can facilitate progress toward shared goals and values that amplify the strengths of the school’s two locations.

To underscore the critical role of the Law School to the university and to ensure active engagement by university leadership, especially during this transition, the dean will also report to the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, who will meet quarterly with the dean and chancellors to facilitate alignment across Law School locations, in coordination with university priorities. Working in collaboration with the chancellors, the EVPAA’s office will also be responsible for managing this fall’s search for the next dean.

I know that there will still be significant work to do beyond this change to strengthen the operation of the Law School and the day‑to‑day experience of those within the Law community. Indeed, we all have a role to play if we are to achieve Rutgers Law School’s potential for excellence.

The EVPAA will soon begin working with the co‑deans, chancellors, and other senior leaders to prepare for the search and the work required to transition to a single dean model, and members of this group will be in touch to share next steps around this transition.


Jonathan Holloway
President and University Professor

Rutgers Law Media Contact:
Shanida Carter

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