December 15, 2021

Experts from Rutgers Law School’s alumni network and beyond share advice to help you stand out to hiring managers and excel in your corporate law career.

Whitney Dumeng RLAW ’19, Corporate Associate at Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP, Marjorie Winters, Corporate Attorney and Senior Legal Editor at Thomson Reuters, and Tara Pellicori RLAW ‘08, Associate General Counsel at Subaru of America represent a range of industries and areas of focus. Whatever your goal may be -- public or private company, mergers and acquisitions, contract matters, or risk management -- these five tips will help set you apart.

1. Be well-rounded. “At the end of the day it’s about relationships. Don’t forget the human aspect of working in transactional law,” says Pellicori.

2. Find an organization that will invest in your training. “That usually comes from law firms as opposed to going straight to in-house lawyering. Ask about the law firm’s training program,” says Winters.

3. Practice your listening skills. “Listen to what the client is saying, as well as the senior associates and partners, (it’s) really listening and paying attention,” says Dumeng.

4. Stay one step ahead of the client. “Probably the most important skill in my practice is thinking one step ahead of what the client needs and what they will be doing, structuring the deal or mitigating the risk accordingly,” says Winters.

5. Expand your horizons with offerings at your law school. Dumeng advised Rutgers Law students to participate in the Entrepreneurship Clinic, consider getting a corporate law certificate, work at a journal, and like she did, take courses such as global regulation with Professor Sarah Dadush.

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