"The Annual Meeting was a wonderful opportunity to network with attorneys and students from diverse backgrounds and practice preferences."
Jordan Vincent RLAW'20 ABA
Vincent met with law students and attorneys and students from diverse backgrounds and practice preferences at the ABA Annual Meeting.

In early August, I attended the Annual Meeting of the American Bar Association in San Francisco, California as a voting delegate on behalf of Rutgers Law School. The conference was attended by thousands of practicing attorneys, as well as Student Bar Association Presidents and American Bar Association Representatives from over 100 law schools throughout the country. 

The Annual Meeting consisted of many Continuing Legal Education programs, networking events, and mixers. Midway throughout the Annual Meeting, the Presidents of the various Student Bar Associations were separated from the remainder of the conference attendees. From there, we were divided amongst ourselves into small sections and asked to gather around tables decorated with varying topical cards. Each card contained a contentious topic area such as student parking, administrative working relationships, and funding. The SBA Presidents were requested to share their professional and personal experiences in dealing with the various subjects.

 Unsurprisingly, Rutgers Law School is on-par and ahead of the curve in many areas regarding the efforts of its Student Bar Association. From our expansive Executive Board that includes critical positions such as a Social Equity Chair, to the wonderful working relationships we maintain with our school’s Administration. This speaks to the quality of past and present Executive Board and General Body SBA members, who work diligently to promote the needs and wants of Rutgers Law students. Rutgers Law School has it together.

Ultimately, the Annual Meeting was a wonderful opportunity to network with attorneys and students from diverse backgrounds and practice preferences. It awarded students the opportunity to learn from seasoned colleagues and, most importantly, one another. I strongly encourage every Rutgers Law School student to become a member of the American Bar Association. It is the ABA’s mission to provide benefits, programs, and services that promote members’ professional growth and quality of life during and after law school. From discounts on your Bar Preparation courses to car rental assistance, the ABA has you covered. It is my hope that Rutgers Law School will encourage my presidential successors and future ABA Representatives to attend Annual Meetings so Rutgers can continue fostering productive working relationships with other law schools around the country.

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Jordan Vincent RLAW'20

Jordan Vincent RLAW'20

Jordan Vincent is a Rutgers Law School student in Newark, New Jersey graduating in May 2020. Jordan obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Kentucky in Political Science. Prior to attending law school, Jordan worked as a parades and shows performer at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Currently, Jordan is a clinical law student in the Rutgers Law School Constitutional Rights Clinic, as well as President of the Student Bar Association, where he previously served as Vice-President. Jordan was also the Co-Chair of the LGBTQ Caucus.