"This class is one of the great legal skills courses offered at Rutgers..."

Here are highlights of some of the classes I have taken during my 2L and 3L year at Rutgers Law—one from each semester:

Family Law: I did not think I would like this class, because my perspective of family law going into law school was that it was all about digging up dirt about the opposing party by going on their Facebook and gossip. However, Professor Goldfarb taught the class in a way that really made me think about the principles that drive family law, and there are a lot of controversial issues in family law that have no clear answer. She would always spend the end of the class having us discuss our own thoughts about the subject we learned, and it showed me that family law is not about who has more dirt on who. I am still not planning on being a family law attorney, but I have a lot more respect for the field after this class and believe it is an important class to take while at law school. 

Business Torts: Another class about a field I do not see myself having a career in (corporate law), Professor Feinman taught not only the substantive law, but incorporated lessons on the actual practice of this law. Even though the subject was difficult to comprehend, Professor Feinman managed to talk us through it and help us understand by explaining the practicality of the case, meaning he would explain the reasoning of the court where the court did not explain itself. The best part of the class though, was when we were able to learn how business torts are brought forth by attorneys and how they are litigated. This class taught me the most practical experiences of my 2L year—I learned how to draft complaints, answers, interrogatories, and what happens at arbitration hearings. 

Pre-Trial Advocacy: Similarly to Business Torts, this is a class I would bring up during an interview when explaining my legal experience. Professor Finkelstein does a fantastic job of teaching students about the entire process of litigation before a trial occurs. This class is one of the great legal skills courses offered at Rutgers, which focus on practical skills and grades are determined by a student’s performance in exercises. For example, in Pre-Trial Advocacy we not only learn about the following, we write drafts and get feedback on how to improve our technique: Complaints, Answers, Interrogatories, Document Requests, Motion to Compel, Interview clients and witnesses, Depositions, Motion for Summary Judgment, and settlement meetings. These are all actual assignments attorneys must complete on a day-to-day basis, and it has been incredible to learn how to do them during law school rather than on the spot at a job. 

I could go on, but in short, here are the non-Bar classes I have taken and loved: Interviewing and Counseling, Natural Resources, Employment Law). Also, the South African Constitutional Law class was extremely interesting, and the trip to South Africa was the greatest trip of my life! 

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Ryan Slocum RLAW'20

Ryan Slocum is a 3L student at Rutgers Law School. He graduated from Rutgers-Camden with my Bachelor’s. He is a recipient of the Mary Philbrook Public Interest Award. Since starting law school, he has worked at the Attorney General’s Office, South Jersey Legal Services, and Styliades & Jackson LLC (Insurance Law Firm). After graduation, he plans to pursue a career in public service working for either the state or federal government.