Course Description



LE: 37

    This course counts as the introductory course in the commercial area and has no pre-requisites.

Exclusion: The course may not be taken by those who have taken, or are currently taking, another Introduction to Commercial Law.

One goal of this course is to study the Sales Article (Art. 2) of the Uniform Commercial Code and compare its provisions to those of the Vienna Sales Convention, the Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (the CISG).

The course has other goals as well. Principal among them is to elaborate a systematic way of working through legal questions, the one that is necessary for success in understanding a code—in fact, the approach that that is mandatory for all questions that arise in the private law.

For example, we will discuss the following: Where must I start my legal analysis of a set of facts? How do I proceed from there? How do I make a convincing argument for both sides?

If you are already able to answer these questions, you do not need to take this course. If you are not, you probably should not leave law school without it.