Updated December 2020

Rutgers law students may, with advance permission of the Vice Dean, take upper-level courses at Temple Law School that are not available at Rutgers Law School.

Under an agreement with Temple, you will pay the same tuition to Rutgers as if the course were being offered here. Under this arrangement, each course will appear on your Rutgers transcript and will count for law school credit here. As with all courses taken at other institutions, you must receive a “C” to get course credit, and the Temple grades will neither appear on your Rutgers transcript nor be averaged into your Rutgers GPA. Instead, the Temple courses are recorded on your Rutgers transcript on a Pass/Fail basis, with a C required to receive a “Pass.”

You may take up to three Temple courses during your law school career.

Many upper-level courses at Temple can be taken under this program. The program does not include required first-year courses, clinic courses, externship offerings, moot court programs, and simulation courses such as Trial Advocacy.

Cross-registration in a Temple limited enrollment course is permitted only if space is available after priority has been given to Temple students, and with the permission of the appropriate Temple official. Cross-registration under this program is not available during the summer. Instead, Rutgers students may take summer school courses at Temple pursuant to regular procedures and subject to regular fees. All of these provisions also apply to Temple students wishing to take courses at Rutgers Law School.

Permission to cross register is obtained by filing a petition with the Vice Dean.  The Vice Dean will grant permission to take a course only if it is not available at Rutgers Law School. This means, at a minimum, that the course is not being offered at Rutgers Law School during the same academic year. If you are a part-time evening student, the course may not be one that we will be offering during the evening.

Information about Temple’s courses and exams, academic calendar, course schedules, and list of courses are available on Temple's website at http://www.temple.edu/lawschool/.  Click the link for Academics to view the course schedule, academic calendar, course descriptions, prerequisites, and course numbers. Details on Temple cross-registration can be found at https://law.rutgers.edu/cross-registration-temple-university-law-school.

Temple does not publish examination schedules until around late October. Some courses, including all evening 3-credit courses, are then designated as having “scheduled exams” on particular days, while others have flexible examination scheduling at the student's option. If it turns out that your Temple course has a scheduled exam on the same day as one of your Rutgers examinations, Temple will permit you to take the Temple exam on another day. However, if your Temple course has a scheduled exam on the day before or after one of your Rutgers examinations, you will have to take both examinations back-to-back as scheduled. If you have any questions about the Temple examination schedule, please contact Ms. Rukiya Harris-Maiorano as set forth below.

Petition and Cross Registration procedures to be completed by student:

1. Print out from the Temple website the course name, number, and description of a course you wish to take. Keep one copy for yourself; make another copy for submission to the Vice Dean.

2. Ascertain the Temple course's availability (e.g. whether it is a simulation or limited enrollment course or other ineligible course) by contacting Rukiya Harris-Maiorano at Rukiya Harris-Maiorano, or at 215-204-1849. To respond to your questions, Ms. Harris-Maiorano needs to know the Temple course and section numbers, i.e. the two separated three digit numbers that appear near the course titles in the list of courses.

3. Obtain a cross-registration form from the Rutgers Law School home page. Fill out the form and submit it together with a copy of the Temple course description and e-mail it for action by the Vice Dean. In your statement of why you want to register for the course, you should include a statement that it is not available to you at Rutgers Law School and that it does not significantly overlap any course you have already taken; a statement that Temple has informed you that this course is eligible for cross-registration.

4. In order to reduce administrative overload during the first week of classes, the Committee strongly requests that you submit your request for Temple cross registration by August 15 for the fall semester, and December 7 for the spring semester.

The Vice Dean will act on the petition within 2 days. In appropriate cases, the student will be invited to meet with the Vice Dean. If the Vice Dean approves your request, shewill send notice of its approval to Temple and arrange for your cross-registration in the Rutgers system.

It is your responsibility to ascertain class and exam schedules, reading materials and assignments, and all other aspects of taking a course at Temple. You may contact Ms. Harris-Maiorano for further information.