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Sarah Medina Camiscoli
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Rutgers Law School
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Newark, NJ 07102
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Professor Medina Camiscoli is a proud first generation, LGBTQAI+ legal scholar–practitioner of the Puerto Rican diaspora born and raised in New Jersey. She writes at the intersection of constitutional law, education law, and critical youth studies. Further, she employs participatory law scholarship and movement law to include, elevate, and credit youth social movements who reimagine law and society to build a more equitable democracy. Through this work, she intends to extend the legacy of the People’s Electric Law School to marginalized and mobilized youth.

Previously, Professor Medina Camiscoli taught as an Education Studies Fellow at the Yale Center or the Study of Race, Indigeneity, and Transnational Migration and practiced law as a Justice Catalyst Legal Fellow at Public Counsel. Before law school, she worked as a public school teacher and youth organizer in the South Bronx where she founded IntegrateNYC— a youth-led organization that develops young leaders who repair the harms of segregation and build authentic integration and equity. Upon graduating from law school, she co-founded the Peer Defense Project—an intergenerational movement lawyering project that develops legal education, networks and technology to empower youth to fight injustice and transform the law.

Professor Medina Camiscoli holds a B.A. from Columbia University, a J.D. from Yale Law School, and an M.A. from Hunter School of Education.




Christina John, Russel Pearce, Aundray Archer, Sarah Medina Camiscoli, Aaron Pines, Maryam Salmanova, and Vira Tarnavaska, Subversive Legal Education: Reformist Steps Toward Abolitionist Visions, 90 Fordham L. Rev. 2089 (2022).

Sarah Medina Camiscoli et al., Restoring Youth Property and Dignity: Book Bans, Trans Bans, and the Power of Youth Movement Lawyering, Loyola Interdisciplinary Journal of Public Interest Law (Forthcoming, January 2024)

Sarah Medina Camiscoli, Youth Movement Law: Seeding Constitutional Revolutions with Gender Expansive Youth, University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law (Forthcoming, Summer 2024)

Sarah Medina Camiscoli et al., Reflections of Community Organizers: Lawyering with Experts in Resistance Across Generations, Fordham L. Rev. (Forthcoming, January 2024).

Sarah Medina Camiscoli, Back to School Bans: The Case for Protecting the Schoolhouse Property of Multiply Marginalized Youth, (Pending Offers)

Sarah Medina Camiscoli and Sa’Real McRae, Youth Participatory Law Scholarship, (W, Spring 2024)


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  • Child Advocacy
  • Civil Rights & Civil Liberties
  • Constitutional Law
  • Education Law
  • Legal Education