Rutgers Law students in Newark are near federal and state courts with ample opportunities for judicial externships.

Judicial externships are open to students who have completed the first-year curriculum and would like to gain practical experience by working with a judge on the state or federal level. Rutgers Law School students may apply for judicial externships with municipal and state court judges as well as with federal judges, including district court, court of appeals, magistrate, and bankruptcy judges.

Judicial externships allow you to gain exposure to the inner workings of a court.  You will have the opportunity to conduct legal research, write memoranda, and attend court proceedings. You will research a wide variety of legal issues and begin the process of discovering the areas of law that most interest you. Many students compile excellent writing samples and upon completion, are able to get a reference from a judge for future job prospects. Some judges later hire former externs as law clerks upon graduation. Many other legal employers think highly of judicial externships and the valuable research and writing skills students develop. Judicial externships are unpaid; however, you can receive academic credit for these externships.

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Judicial Visit

Judges visit Rutgers Law to speak to law students about possible externships in federal court, superior court and the state Supreme Court of the state of New Jersey.