Highly Skilled. Highly Motivated.

Rutgers lawyers define themselves on their own terms. The wide-ranging diversity of their viewpoints and approaches to the profession reflects one of our defining institutional strengths: unprecedented offerings with a firece commitment to the individual experience.

Our collegial learning environment encourages collaboration, which in turn cultivates within our students and future Rutgers lawyers a tenacity to deliver impeccable work, but in a spirit of civility. To thrive in the legal profession, relationship skills are essential and the Rutgers network is one built on intense training and an awareness of audience at all times.

Is there a Rutgers lawyer? I’d say yes. They have grit. If I had to get an injunction out Monday, I’d take a Rutgers lawyer over someone from the Ivy League—I’d know they’d be there, they’d work hard, and they take tremendous pride in succeeding. Not in a competitive way, but because they want to succeed for themselves.

A Rutgers Law Alumnus and Employer