Global Impact

Known the world over for our academic excellence, Rutgers is a leading institution for global learning. International students are encouraged to consider applying and joining our innovative legal community that is revolutionizing legal education and scholarship for the 21st century.

Resources for International Students
  • Admission
  • Foreign Lawyer Program

An international student applying for admission to Rutgers Law School must:

  • Take the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT)
  • Submit a law school application (or apply on-line)
  • Submit foreign transcripts through the LSAC J.D. Credential Assembly Service.
  • Submit two letters of recommendation through LSAC as part of the CAS service.
  • Complete and return the Affidavit of Support form (I-143)
  • Other requirements for Rutgers Law international applicants include the I-20 and applicants with current F-1 visas must submit a photocopy of their I-94 card and complete the required paperwork with an authorized official at their present institution for an F-1 transfer.

The Foreign Lawyer Program creates an opportunity for those who have earned a law degree abroad and practiced law outside the United States to receive up to 28 advance standing credits and earn a J.D. degree upon the completion of 56 credits at Rutgers Law School. In general, students in the program first take all first-year required courses. Students with suitable prior academic experience may obtain an exception, at the vice dean’s discretion. The remaining credits will be completed in the upper-level curriculum. Other than credits earned in law outside the United States, our law school does not accept credits in transfer from any other school outside of the United States. This does not apply to credits earned through a study abroad, consortium, or exchange program sponsored by a U.S. or Canadian institution and the work is clearly indicated as such on the home campus transcript.

  • Multicultural Community







"We have a very diverse community that helps multicultural people like myself feel welcome. The education we get here is important, but the relationships we build—with deans, professors, and fellow students—are necessary to have successful legal careers."

Anna Altunyan '16, Foreign Lawyer Program