Fellowships & Funding Opportunities
  • Maida Fellowships
  • Marshall-Brennan Fellowships
  • Kinoy/Stavis Fellowships
  • Wenk Fellowships
  • Immigrant Rights Fellowship
  • Center for Security, Race and Rights Fellowships
  • Center for Immigration, Law, Policy, and Justice (CILPJ) Fellowship Program

The Maida Public Interest Fellows Program 

The Maida Public Interest Fellows Program is made possible through the generosity of James and Dr. Sharon Maida.  Established in 2015 to acknowledge, support and sustain public interest legal work by students and graduates of Rutgers Law School, the Maida Public Interest Fellows Program supports Maida Summer Fellowships and the Maida Post-Graduate Public Interest Fellowship.

The Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacy Fellowship Program

The Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacy Fellowship Program enlists law students in an effort to increase civic literacy and participation in American democracy.  Talented second- and third-year law students on the Camden campus prepare and teach a course in constitutional law to high school students.  The aim is to make the Constitution “come alive” for young people while simultaneously improving law students’ ability to translate and explain complicated legal concepts into lay terms. Fellows are chosen through a competitive process during the spring semester of each year. Applicants are chosen based on their academic preparation, motivation, maturity, commitment to the power of education and the urgency of greater access to it, and intellectual curiosity about constitutional issues. Interested students should attend the informational session(s) held during the spring semester.

The Kinoy-Stavis Fellowship Program

The Kinoy-Stavis Fellowship Program, which began in 1992-93, is designed to encourage and support the training and development of students who wish to pursue careers in the public interest. The Kinoy-Stavis Fellows are guaranteed a position in either the International Rights or the  Constitutional Rights Clinic during both semesters of their second year.     During their third year,   Kinoy-Stavis Fellows are guaranteed access to one of the law school’s in-house clinics.     

For further information, contact Professor Alexis Karteron at alexis.karteron@law.rutgers.edu or Susan Feathers at sjf151@law.rutgers.edu


The Marsha Wenk Fellowships in Public Interest Law
The Marsha Wenk Fellowship, created in memory of the late Marsha Wenk RLAW '87, provides students with the opportunity to serve as leaders in the public interest community and to intern at the ACLU of N.J.

For further information, please contact Jill Friedman at jillfrie@camden.rutgers.edu

The Immigrant Rights Fellowships 
The Immigrant Rights Fellowship Program is designed to encourage and support the training and development of students interested in immigration and immigrant rights law. Fellows enroll in the immigrant rights practicum, during both their second- and third- yearsof law school; complete designated coursework; and have the opportunity to serve as a summer intern at Make the Road NJ or KIND NJ.

For further information, contact Professor Anjum Gupta at anjum.gupta@rutgers.edu or Susan Feathers at sjf151@law.rutgers.edu

The Center for Security, Race and Rights (CSRR) Fellowships

Fellows work on civil rights law and policy involving race, gender, religion, national security, and foreign policy with a particular focus on Muslim, Arab, and South Asian communities in the United States.   

The CILPJ Fellows program provides unique professional academic and leadership opportunities to select students with a demonstrated commitment to the public interest and immigrants’ rights.