Rutgers Law School welcomes and is committed to the academic success of all students with disabilities. 

Sarah Regina (Newark) and Louis Thompson (Camden), the Law School's Associate Deans of Student Affairs, work with students who may require accommodations and help guide them through the process of applying for accommodations through the University's Office of Disability Services (ODS). Rutgers values the diverse experiences that students with disabilities bring to the Law School community.

Students with disabilities who may require accommodations are encouraged to contact the appropriate Rutgers Law Associate Dean of Student Affairs or the Office of Disability Services in Newark or Camden as soon as possible to ensure that those accommodations are approved in a timely fashion. Students may begin the process of requesting services or accommodation by registering with ODS. Requests for accommodations must be accompanied by documentation specified by the Office of Disability Services.

Students with disabilities are truly an important part of the Rutgers Law community. For many of our students with disabilities, reaching law school—and succeeding in it—has required tremendous tenacity and drive. The depth of perspective and commitment to the law that so many of our students with disabilities bring to the Rutgers community enriches the educational experience of all of our students.

Katie Eyer, Professor of Law