Message to Graduates

Bar Exam Dates

Bar Exam Meeting

NJ Bar Examiners

Bar Exam at a Glance

Suggested Courses for the Bar Exam

I. Bar applications and requirements
For the requirements for each jurisdiction, please see:  National Conference of Bar Examiners

II. Character and Fitness requirements

III. Forms for Rutgers-Camden Graduates
Please bring or send forms to:
Arlene Lentini
Office of Student Affairs - Room E321
Rutgers School of Law
217 North 5th Street
Camden, NJ 08102-1203
Office: 856-225-2352 Fax: 856-969-7935
Forms must be received 20 days before they are due to the Bar Examiners.

IV. Requesting Transcripts
Neither the Office of Student Affairs nor Dean Rentezelas, are authorized to release transcripts. If the jurisdiction requires a transcript, they must be ordered by the individual student directly from the Campus Registrar. Go to and enter your information under Alum/Former Students. The Registrar's phone number is: 856-225-6053.

V. Verification of Attendance & Graduation Requests by Outside Agencies
Please go to and enter the required information.  If you are unable to do that, please fax a signed release from the graduate to 856-225-6419, and allow 7-10 days for processing, since files are in a remote location.

VI. Bar Preparation
The law school has various resources for preparing for the bar exam.  Please contact prof. Alison Nissen, 


VII. Bar Review Vendors
The law school does not endorse any particular bar review vendors.  Please contact the vendors directly and ask for references from someone who has taken the course for the jurisdiction(s) that you are interested in.