The Certificate Program in Corporate & Business Law provides students interested in corporate and business law with a structured framework to pursue that interest, as well as formal recognition for doing so. All students will gain a core competency in the law governing the formation and governance of corporations and in the financing of corporations. To complete the core requirements, students may elect to pursue continued study of general corporate/business matters, corporate finance, or issues concerning how the corporate entity interacts with the government. After satisfying the core competencies, students will receive advanced instruction on matters relating to the formation, financing, and operation of corporations, as well as their interactions with governmental entities, by choosing among a variety of advanced classes and seminars. Finally, each student will be required to apply legal doctrine in a practice context by choosing between a relevant externship/field placement, clinic, or skills course.

All students seeking the certificate will be required to take Business Organizations, two courses from the first-level core courses list, and at least one course from the second-level core courses. In addition to the core requirements, students must take at least three additional courses from the core lists or from the elective courses. Finally, each student must satisfy a practice/skills requirement through a 2 or 3 credit externship, clinic, or an approved skills course. Students will not be permitted to take any of the core and elective courses pass/fail if they wish to qualify for a certificate.

For detailed requirements, please visit the Center for Corporate Law & Governance's website