Amy Soled LAWRS class in Newark
Classes typically include simulation exercises that range from mock client interviews to mock negotiations.

U.S. News & World Report regularly ranks Rutgers Legal Writing as a top-20 program, as voted by professors at other law schools. The professors who teach Legal Analysis Writing and Research Skills (“LAWRS”) have extensive experience in teaching, advocacy, and scholarship.

LAWRS is a year-long course that prepares students for researching and analyzing legal and factual issues on behalf of a client. LAWRS I is a three-credit, fall-semester course that focuses on objective analysis, research, and writing. LAWRS II is a three-credit, spring-semester course that focuses on persuasive argument, research, and writing.

Classes are taught in relatively small sections to provide students an opportunity to frequently meet individually with their professors and engage in class exercises. Through a variety of assignments, students work on developing both oral and written responses to learn analytical, writing, and research skills.

For more information about the Legal Analysis Writing and Research Skills program, please contact any of the professors listed below

Amy Bitterman Kelly Deere Barbara Hoffman
Emily Kline Anibal Rosario Lebron Amy Soled
Amy Widman