July 24, 2023
Center for Transnational Law International Workshop
A two-day international workshop was held at Rutgers Law in May.

A group of globally recognized scholars met at Rutgers Law School in Newark for two days to present their work on comparative enforcement of international law and engage in an intense discussion on international and comparative law.

The Center for Transnational Law hosted the workshop in May 2023. Co-sponsored by the University of Baltimore’s Center for International & Comparative Law, the event convened more than 20 scholars from Africa, Australia, Europe, Latin America, and the United States.

“We had a rich conversation. It’s a real treat to host colleagues from literally all over the world to talk about the law,” said Jorge Contesse, Rutgers Law Professor and founding Director of the Center for Transnational Law.

The workshop is part of a research project led by Professor Contesse and University of Baltimore Professors Mortimer Sellers and Ioanna Tourkochoriti.

“The project will result in the publication of a book that investigates how nations enforce international law. We look at different areas of international law, such as human rights, the law of the sea, environmental law, international criminal law, the law of war, and international economic law,” Professor Contesse explained.

The global collaboration goes both ways. Professor Contesse recently presented his work in Europe and South America. In June, he was invited to present his views on equality, non-discrimination and the role of international law in domestic law before Chile’s Constitutional Council, which is drafting a new constitution. (Watch the video below.)

Prof. Jorge Contesse presenting in Luxembourg
Rutgers Law Prof. Jorge Contesse presenting at a conference at the Max Planck Institute in Luxembourg.

In July, Professor Contesse presented at a conference on “Human Rights and Procedure” at the Max Planck Institute in Luxembourg. The conference gathered scholars from Europe and beyond to discuss the turn to procedure in human rights law.

The Center for Transnational Law (CTL) offers a space for academic reflection and practical application on the intersection of international, comparative, and domestic law. Such intersection creates both opportunities and challenges that the Center seeks to address.  CTL takes advantage of the rich diversity that the Rutgers Law faculty offers to provide students a deeper and more complex understanding of the law, whether they go to private practice or public service.

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