MSP 50 Celebration

Saturday, April 14, 2018
  • 11:00 - 5:00 pm | 15 Washington St. (Law School from 1979-1999)
    • 10:30 - Arrival & Coffee
    • 11:00 - Welcome from Ronald K. Chen, Co-Dean
    • 11:10 - Welcome from Lowenstein Sandler, MSP50 Celebration Sponsor
    • 11:15  - MSP Student Panel
      • Yvette Bravo-Weber, Assistant Dean, MSP (Newark), Moderator
      • Rhasheda Douglas, Director, MSP (Camden), Moderator
    • 12:00 - MSP Deans’ Panel
      • Marcia Brown, Moderator
      • Wade Henderson, Oliver Quinn, Janice Robinson, Ken Padilla, Yvette Bravo-Weber, Rhasheda Douglas
    • 12:45 - Buffet luncheon and networking
    • 2:00 - Remarks by Nancy Cantor, Chancellor, Rutgers University-Newark
    • 2:05 - Rutgers Law Scholars Champion Social Justice
      • Jon Dubin, Moderator:
      • Childrens' Rights/ Disability Rights
        • Esther Canty-Barnes, Jen Valverde
      • Educational Desegregation and Equality
        • Elise Boddie
      • Immigration
        • Anjum Gupta and Joanne Gottesman
      • Prisoner Re-entry/Juvenile Justice
        • Victoria Pratt, Sandra Simkins, Laura Cohen
      • Community Development/Affordable Housing
        • David Troutt, Charles Auffant, Robert Holmes
      • Implicit Bias Through Empirical Study
        • Rachel Godsil
    • 3:15 - Break: Drinks, cookies and networking
    • 3:35 - Remarks by Phoebe Haddon, Chancellor, Rutgers University-Camden
    • 3:40 MSP Alumni: Merging Careers in Private Industry with Social Justice
      • Kimberly Banks MacKay ‘95, Moderator
    • 4:35 David Troutt: Presentation of Faculty MSP Committee
    • 5:00 Adjourn: Dean Chen
  • 6:00 - 10:30 pm | Robert Treat Hotel
    • 6:00 - Cocktails
    • 7:15 - Dinner seating
    • 7:30 - Welcome
      • Brian Biglin ’11, President & Maritza Rodriguez ’11, President-Elect, Rutgers Law School—Newark Alumni Association
      • Kevin Miller ’14 Vice Chancellor, Rutgers Law School—Camden Alumni Association
    • 7:35 - Greeting by Co-Deans Ronald K. Chen and Michael Cahill
    • 7:50 - Dinner Serving
    • 8:00 - Presentation of Student Awards: Yvette Bravo-Weber
      • Community Service Award - Jamie Dinicola ‘18
      • Academic Achievement Award - Tony Martinez ‘18
    • 8:05 - Class Representative/Speaker - Latiqua Liles ‘18
    • 8:10 - Video Presentation
    • 8:15 - Keynote: Vincent Warren ‘93
    • 8:30 - David Harris ’79: MSP Alumni Endowment Fund Appeal
    • 8:35 - Socializing and Dancing with Solid Soul Review and The Priceless Band
    • 10:30 - Conclusion and Souvenirs


View the full invitation letter sent out to MSP alumni, with the class committee chairs listed, here.

To make a donation to the Rutgers Law School Minority Student Program, click on this Donation Link.  In the box marked "Other" write in: Minority Student Program Alumni Endowment Fund, Account 600000.

MSP is a nationally acclaimed and highly successful post-admissions program that serves students of any race or ethnicity who are members of groups that are underrepresented in the legal profession, and who have faced discrimination or overcome social and economic hardships. The program takes a proactive approach to help students to succeed in law school by offering legal skills development, academic support, alumni mentoring and networking, internships and other opportunities.

This  program  has been a leading force in diversifying both legal education and the legal profession. Originally geared toward students of color, it is now open to any student who can demonstrate a history of socioeconomic or educational disadvantage.

If you have a story or memory about MSP that you'd like to share to be featured on the website and at the MSP50 Celebration, you can submit it at this link just like Yvonne Smith Segars '84 did.

"I have many fond memories of my years in the MSP program. Those late night study groups with four or five people created a bond that has lasted for over 30 years, which I cherish immensely," -  Yvonne Smith Segars '84, former Public Defender, and Professor at Kean University.

Marcia Wilson Brown ‘94, Vice Chancellor for External and Governmental Relations at Rutgers University-Newark and former MSP Dean, wrote a poem commemorating the 32nd anniversary of the Minority Student Program (MSP) in 2000, which is reprinted below.

MSP50 News

The Minority Student Program has been selected for the Garden State Bar Association’s prestigious Raymond A. Brown Award. 

In the lead-up to the 50th anniversary of the Minority Student Program, Faculty MSP Chair David Troutt conducted the first of three charrettes or focus groups with representatives of alumni drawn from the years 1971 through 1985. 

Standing: Hon. Alberto Rivas '85, Yvonne Segars '84, David Harris '79, Margarita Echevarria '77, Felipe Chavana '76, Patricia Weston Rivera  '78, Alan Dexter Bowman '76, Norman Epting '79, Hon. Thomas W. Sumners, Jr. '84. Seated: Dean Ronald K. Chen '83, Hon. Sue Pai Yang '84, MSP Dean Yvette Bravo-Weber.