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Students from Camden and Newark in South Africa.
"I think the Court represents the nation’s resilience and persistence in fighting for justice."
"Much of my formative years were spent looking for ways to give back to our community, especially to South Jersey."
"As diverse aspiring legal professionals and attorneys from Rutgers Law, we collectively occupy a unique platform which enables us to seek justice."
RLS Habitat February 1, 2019 Volunteers L to R: Joseph Ragsdale, Maxwell Smith, Rick Madurski, John DeLuca, Jad Salloum, Salma Salloum
“As students, we are able to impact our community through advocacy, awareness, and interest groups. But the hands-on experience of providing affordable housing to those in need brings a different type of satisfaction."
Three law students stand in front of the U.S. Supreme Court on a cold day.
"Observing oral arguments at the highest level was an inspiring and educational experience."
Camden and Philadelphia skylines
"The varying viewpoints and life experiences of my peers have helped me better understand the significance and ramifications of the law we study."
A full classroom with a student's hand raised in the foreground.
"Law school is a beast unlike any other—and we all have the potential to tame it."
Nancy Morgan, former chair of the NJ State Bar Association Military Law & Veterans’ Affairs Section and partner at Finkelstein & Partners, spoke to students about legally representing veterans and the nuanc
"I am passionate about serving those who have served our nation..."
"What helps on test day is feeling like you've seen this type of test before..."
Marie Deschamps with Voting Rights Project members
"...the role Rutgers Law played as my fairy godmother cum bulldog attorney deserves recognition, praise, and emulation."