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A phone is stacked on a desk with a book and watch.
"My parents' immigration story always shaped the career path I envisioned for myself."
A man in a suit stands in a busy city street
"I was able to translate the concepts to situations I faced while behind the counter of my father’s pizzeria."
Juliana Koster
"I honestly don’t know if I would have had the confidence to go to law school without music."
Opeyemi Akinde with award
"Knowing how to lay a proper foundation, move an exhibit into evidence, and give a compelling closing argument is not as easy as it looks on television!"
Two women are seated in the NJ Assembly testifying before a crowded room.
"Testifying to the New Jersey Assembly’s Judiciary Committee was an important step in what has been a long process that started well before I got to Rutgers Law."
Students from Camden and Newark in South Africa.
"I think the Court represents the nation’s resilience and persistence in fighting for justice."
Embracing our World
"Those of us in the program adhere to this notion of paying it forward through mentorship."
Whitney Dumeng in Hamburg
"I am so grateful that Rutgers Law School chose me to participate in this program..."
Alecs Cook stands in the snow with fellow retreat attendees
"How will I use my JD to serve those who need an advocate to listen and tell their story?"
Tori Siegel, Neil Wise, Kylie Finley
"As future litigators, practicing public speaking and creatively arguing your point on the fly is invaluable."
Clark Commons Bridge silhouette
"To see, hear from, and speak with those in the legal profession who have similar backgrounds to me firmly plants the reality of what this profession could be."