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“Our attitude towards immigration reflects our faith in the American ideal.” ~ Senator Robert F. Kennedy
"This semester my participation in a mediation competition and the Education and Health Law Clinic has helped me grow as a young professional and are two of my most memorable experiences in law school."
"Young Professionals for Justice created a program for students at Westside High to inspire students to seek higher education, teach them about their Constitutional rights, educate them on financial aid basics, and help prepare them for college."
"Bar prep is a daunting process, but there are people in your network who went through it and want to help you get through it too."
"As a lawyer, I want to provide families not only emotional support, but tangible solutions to their child’s educational needs."
"Law is one of the rare fields that does not require students to complete a set course of study for acceptance."
"Rutgers has given me the course work and the real work experience to enter the workforce as a well-rounded and capable attorney."
"When we received the picture that evening of our client turning the key into his new home in Houston, we celebrated."
"Street Law is a pro bono program offered to Rutgers Law student volunteers to provide students in Camden the legal knowledge and civic skills to succeed as adults, combat inequality, and participate effectively in their communities."
"We are also mindful that there is no more appropriate moment to honor Justice Ginsburg’s life and unparalleled achievements as a preeminent American jurist and celebrate her near-decade of service to the students here at Rutgers Law School."
"Stipends supported approximately seventy students from both Rutgers law locations during the summer of 2020. All of us would have been unpaid without the generosity of donors. "

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