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"We have a duty to adapt to the changing world we are currently living in. This virus is increasing mortality and cases each day. While an individual may not believe the virus will affect them, it can."
"Representation matters, and I hope that this position will show others who come after me that people like myself belong in positions like Editor in Chief, too. There is always room for a "first", and I'm so happy I can be that for my school"
"These human beings had endured a lifetime of hardship, from wrongful imprisonments, to torture, to sexual assault, to withstanding bombings and gunfire, and countless other forms of persecution. "
"The country has turned their back on those that need it the most and we have a duty to do something about it."
"I was able to leverage institutional support to create a student-led food pantry."
"I noticed a lack of legal service providers in Newark that specifically cater to the LGBT community."
Destiney Wilson
"It is very easy to become consumed with the prospect of a lucrative career, but it really takes courage to commit to one’s passions."
Camden and Philadelphia skylines
"This class is one of the great legal skills courses offered at Rutgers..."
Kate Doyle with Cecile Richards newsroom
"I can now confidently attest to the fact that there’s no such thing as a typical Rutgers Law student."
Mũmbi Ngũgĩ
"...meeting people working in the profession helps connect what I’m learning with my eventual dream of becoming a practicing attorney."
Anna Esposito serving as an ocean lifeguard
"It is important to have experiences in fields that you are passionate about."

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