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"The country has turned their back on those that need it the most and we have a duty to do something about it."
Natima sits in the student lounge, looking ahead.
"I came to law school not just to become an attorney, but to become an ambassador for my clients and the law."
A man stands in a courtroom speaking.
"Rutgers Law has prepared me for this summer in a number of ways."
Emahunn Campbell portrait standing on a city street looking ahead.
"There is beauty in those who continue to pursue justice for the most vulnerable of us."
"Take risks, step outside your comfort zone, and be bold!"
Landon Hacker speaking at a podium
"I want to give to back to others what was once so freely given to me—some hope and an opportunity to change for the better."
Hands at a computer
"The Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic cemented my interest in the area of business and corporate law while developing my legal skill set."
A man in a suit stands in a busy city street
"I was able to translate the concepts to situations I faced while behind the counter of my father’s pizzeria."
Juliana Koster
"I honestly don’t know if I would have had the confidence to go to law school without music."
Opeyemi Akinde with award
"Knowing how to lay a proper foundation, move an exhibit into evidence, and give a compelling closing argument is not as easy as it looks on television!"
Two women are seated in the NJ Assembly testifying before a crowded room.
"Testifying to the New Jersey Assembly’s Judiciary Committee was an important step in what has been a long process that started well before I got to Rutgers Law."

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