Sarah Regina (Newark) and Louis Thompson (Camden), the Law School's Associate Deans of Student Affairs, work with students to create a supportive environment for students development and serve as a resource for students to successfully navigate the opportunities and challenges of law school.  

ABA Well-Being Pledge logo

ABA Well-Being Pledge

Rutgers Law School is proud to be a signatory of the ABA Well-Being Pledge. In signing the pledge, we:

  • recognize that substance use and mental health problems represent a significant challenge for the legal profession and acknowledge that more can and should be done to improve the health and well-being of lawyers.
  • pledge to support the ABA Campaign and will work to adopt and prioritize its seven-point framework for building a better future.

Learn more about the ABA Working Group to Advance Well-Being in the Legal Profession.


The following resources are available to Rutgers Law students as additional sources of support throughout your law school experience.

  • Camden
  • Newark
  • External Sources of Support

Student Health Services
The Student Health Services at Rutgers-Camden is a comprehensive primary care facility that offers accessible, convenient, quality medical and mental health care. 

RU–C Counseling
Offering short-term individual psychotherapy, psychological evaluations, psychiatric evaluation for use of supportive medications, crisis intervention, and learning disability assessments.

Raptor CARES
RU Raptor CARES works closely with faculty, staff, students, and families to provide care and support for students of concern who may be in distress.

RU–C Office of Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance (VPVA) 
The Office of Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance (VPVA) is a new office within the Division of Student Affairs.  VPVA offers counseling and advocacy services, educational programming, and training, consultation and policy development services to all Rutgers Camden students. VPVA supports student survivors and promotes prosocial bystander behaviors in an effort to encourage student success.   

RU–N Health
Rutgers Health provides student health services to help meet the needs of students and promote a culture of wellness and provides access to comprehensive preventative health programs, care for accidents and illness, and linkages to specialty services on a twenty-four hour basis.

RU–N Counseling
The Rutgers University–Newark Counseling center is staffed by highly qualified mental health professionals who are passionate about providing an array of clinical services, offering free and confidential psychological and psychiatric services, as well as a comprehensive Alcohol and Other Drug Assistance Program to all enrolled and eligible students.

The Rutgers University-Newark Campus Awareness Response and Education (CARE) Team is committed to promoting campus safety and wellness. Through collaborative efforts we identify, assess and respond to student concerns on campus; assisting students who may be in crisis. The CARE Team develops a support plan for students to help them deal effectively with personal situations that might impact their academic performance.

RU–N Office for Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance (VPVA)
The Office for Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance (VPVA) is dedicated to raising awareness about sexual violence & encouraging bystander support. Dismantling the culture that supports sexual violence requires that we work on many different fronts, from providing support to victims and complainants, to developing violence prevention initiatives, to working together to eliminate oppression in all its forms. The office opened in October of 2017 and is supported by a grant from the NJ Attorney General's office.

Resources for Law Students

Emergency Hotlines

  • New Jersey HopeLine: (855) 654-6735
  • National Suicide Prevention Line: (800) 273-TALK (8255)
  • Poison Control: (800) 222-1222
  • Services Empowering the Rights of Victims: (866) 295-7378
  • Ala/Call Substance Abuse Hotline: (800) 322-5525
  • Veterans Crisis Line: (877) 273-TALK (8255)
  • Trevor Lifeline: (866) 488-7386