Frank Askin

Distinguished Professor of Law, Robert E. Knowlton Scholar, and Director of the Constitutional Rights Clinic

Paul Axel-Lute

Librarian Emeritus

A. Hays Butler

Librarian Emeritus

Norman Cantor

Professor of Law and Justice Nathan L. Jacobs Scholar Emeritus

Edward E. Chase

Professor Emeritus

Russell M. Coombs

Associate Professor Emeritus

Lucy Cox

International and Foreign Law Librarian Emeritus

Marcia Crnoevich

Assistant Teaching Professor: Legal Analysis, Writing and Research

Anne Dalesandro

Professor Emeritus

John H. Davies

Professor Emeritus

Jack Feinstein

Clinical Professor of Law and Director of the Civil Justice Clinic

George Ginsburgs

Distinguished Professor Emeritus

N.E.H. Hull

Distinguished Professor Emerita

Jonathan Hyman

Professor of Law and Arthur C. Clapp Public Service Scholar Emeritus

Howard Latin

Professor Emeritus

Arno Liivak

Professor Emeritus

Jonathan Mallamud

Professor Emeritus

Saul Mendlovitz

Dag Hammarskjold Professor Emeritus

Carol Roehrenbeck

Professor of Law and Director of the Law Library Emerita

Peter Simmons

University Professor and John M. Payne Scholar

Richard G. Singer

Distinguished Professor Emeritus

E. Hunter Taylor

Professor Emeritus

Paul Tractenberg

Professor of Law Emeritus Board of Governors Distinguished Service Professor

Robert M. Washburn

Professor Emeritus